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World War II Bulletin Boards or Discussion Pages are a key to research. Check out these:

There is a bulletin board run by Ernie Burton, completely devoted to the Battle of Britain. To go to this sister-BBS click here.
And Alan Putland has joined forces with the Battle of Britain Society, and they have a new BBS page. Click here .
Another key World War II non-Luftwaffe bulletin board on the "12 o'clock high" site is found along with its equivalent Luftwaffe BBS here.
And a truly interesting BBS devoted to Luftwaffe 'experten' here.
A bulletin board for all RAF Commands during World War II can reached by clicking here.
Still another new Bulletin Board is devoted to Luftwaffe night-fighters. It can be found here.
And yet another new Bulletin Board is devoted to aviation war in Central and Eastern Europe. It can be found here.
And a whole bunch of Archival Discussion Groups can be found by clicking here.

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