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Normandy Air War Diary

e-Book ISBN 1-4107-2236-8 ... soft cover ISBN 1-4107-2241-4 ... dust jacket ISBN 1-4107-2242-2

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  • the book comes in soft cover or hard (dust cover) versions 6 inches by 9 inches and as an electronic book
  • the timeframe is Normandy 6 June through 28 August 1944
  • the subject is the air war -- primarily day fighters and fighter/bombers
  • the book tracks daily claims and losses of German and Allied aircraft
  • there are 370 pages, 60 photos and maps, 7 appendices and an index
  • the book is organized into two parts: --
    • the overall picture of Allied and German units' actions
    • a day-to-day picture of an RCAF wing in France
  • Part I -- tracked against the Normandy ground campaign
  • Part I -- details the combatants in every major aerial combat
  • Part I -- comparison of aircraft performance, flak, attack techniques
  • Part I -- appendices for Order of Battle, abbreviations, daily losses
  • Part I -- over 300 pilots identified in the index
  • Part II -- daily sorties of 127 Wing with every combat report (about 50)
  • Part II -- experts describe what it was like to fly a Spitfire
  • Part II -- appendix lists every pilot who flew in 127 Wing in Normandy
  • Part II -- appendix lists daily claims/losses by pilot and aircraft.
Because Allied air superiority was so awesome in Normandy, many believe the German Luftwaffe did not appear at all. How surprising to learn that the fierce battle in the skies over the Normandy beaches was much like the Battle of Britain -- both in duration, about 80 days long, and in severity, about 3,000 aircraft shot down. Only one or two books deal with the aerial battle over Normandy and those that do treat it from the viewpoint of one nation. For the first time, the squadron records of German, American and British units in the Normandy Campaign reveal details of nearly every aerial encounter that occurred, provide tabulation of the number of losses and yield the names of the pilots who fought.
But to get a feeling of what it was like to be there, this book also describes the day-to-day lives of the members of one RAF Commonwealth wing flying Spitfires from French soil. It quotes the words of the participants as recorded in squadron records, memories of veterans and in the pilots' combat reports. This is a book filled with factual detail written by one whose brother fought and died in the Normandy Air War.
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Dave Clark
Dave Clark was only 13 when his older brother was killed in a Spitfire in the skies over Normandy -- seven days after D-Day. Years later, when he retired, he realized how little he knew about the circumstances of the tragic death and set about gathering research material from books, fellow amateur historians and original microfilms. He went to the UK and France, built a web site, participated actively in internet bulletin boards devoted to World War II aviation and corresponded with veteran pilots. Four years later he had enough material to chronicle every major aerial encounter of fighters over Normandy. Combining this database with a day-by-day account of one RCAF wing of Spitfires provided enough material for a book.


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