One Mom's View of Autism/PDD is no more.

My host, went under and I lost all my files. (It was run by a mom who had lost her disabled daughter.). The domain was purchased by someone selling guns and has no relationship to the former challengenet. I certainly do not endorse the sale of firearms.

As Graham entered adolescence, I found it increasingly difficult to keep up this site. There are many excellent autism websites available.

On a personal level, Graham now belongs to a very small subgroup of low functioning individuals with autism who develop additional psychiatric disorders and is considered 'dual diagnosis' (intellectual disability + other psychiatric disorder not including autism). Despite his many challenges, he remains a very loveable young man. Our daughter is now a young woman of 17.

Thank you to everyone who has written me over the years. I wish you all the best with your children with autism/pdd. Never give up hope, every day is an opportunity for growth. I leave you with two pictures, one of Graham and his sister and one of my husband reading to Graham.