Sexuality and Kundalini

...Sexual activity will allow the kundalini to rise, "piercing" or opening the chakras. Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as this appears. Because of years of training, as well as attitudes derived from the sex-hatred which is part of most Western societies, we have instilled within us an approach toward sex which is not normal.

Specifically, Western society teaches that sex is "naughty" or "dirty" an instills a neo-instinct which might best be called the "let's get it over!" instinct. Add to this the "my-partner-is-my-possession" philosophy (which concludes with the "If I can't have you, nobody can!" impetus for violence) and numerous other sex-hatred aspects and sex becomes warped. People think it should only be used for pleasure or reproduction, and then try and get it over with quickly.

When people are younger, they not only do it quickly, they do it (or want to do it) a great deal. "We did it six times last night!" This is considered a great accomplishment when, in actuality, it is a terrible crime. For if you did it six times, along with time to sleep, and time for the man to recover (which is shorter among younger men), that means the average length of time of pleasure may have only lasted 15 or 20 minutes each. And frequenly such speedy coupling, with lots of thrusting/pounding, leads to exhaustion, bruising, and satisfaction which is transitory at best.

So what can be done?

The first key is to get rid of the notion that you possess your partner and vice versa. You may own a car or a computer, but you do not own another human being. So how can you love?

The second key is that love is not limiting, it is expanding. The more you love the more love you have. Love transcends individuals. The love or passion you feel for your partner is a combination of love and familiarity. Both are good, but understand that they are not the same. The real source of love is the Divine (called "Brahman") and when you feel love, it is for Brahman that you feel love. Your partner is simply a manifestation of Brahman. Therefore you can passionately and erotically love your partner, although the real love is for Brahman.

The third key is this: SLOW DOWN! There is no need to screw like rabbits in heat when you can make love like gods and goddesses and rise to their spiritual level. Once you are both aroused and coupled, stay still. Instead of feeling friction feel the energy flow between you. The fourth key is that energy follows the breath. Breathe together with your partner. With experience you can do alternate breathing so when your partner exhales, you inhale, and vice versa. Look in your partner's eyes. The energy down the male's spine, out the lingham, in the female's yoni, up her spine, out her eyes, and into his eyes.




Move ssssslllllllloooooooowwwwwwwlllllllyyyyyyy.

The fifth key is sound. On the exhalation, sound out the bija mantras. These are sounds with no meaning. They are vibratory patterns which allow the moving energy to open the chakras. They are:

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The first five rhyme with "balm." The (six) sounds like "aaaaaahhhhhh-ooooooohhhhhhh-mmmmmm."

Sound each one with your exhalations. Repeat the first one until you sense your root chakra unfold like the petals of a flower. Then move to the second, etc. Do not be surprised if your body starts to quiver and shake. This is the movement of the energy through the body and is known as "Shaktipat." (...). When it unfolds (in the sixth chakra) it allows the energy to move up to the extraphysical chakra (some do not identify the Sahasrara chakra as a true chakra) where profound and blissful experiences result.

The sixth key is something which I haven't talked about here: orgasms. In Western society, the entire focus seems to be on orgasms, both quality and quantity. In the male, the orgasm is usually equated with ejaculation which results in detumescence. Why would any man want to focus on that which temporarily ends the sexual act? In short, the focus must NOT be on orgasm, but on love, energy, and the desire for ultimate bliss.

There is a song in a silly, low-budget film ("The First Nudie Musical") which has the line, "Orgasm's a short spasm of love." For most people, that's what an orgasm is.

Now, imagine what happens when you don't focus on the orgasm and instead focus on the keys given above. If you follow the pattern, the seventh chakra opens and provides bliss that far exceeds any orgasm you could possibly imagine and can last for HOURS. That's right; not seconds, not minutes, but hours. This is sometimes called "riding the wave of bliss." The result takes you to a state you may never want to leave, one of pure consciousness, pure lust, pure spirituality, total knowledge, complete eroticism, and ultimate bliss.

As with anything of value, this process takes time and practice. But it can take place over the course of a few months rather than the many years (decades, even) that other systems require.

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