Two important items of information are structured around the term Ryu (school): the specific name of the school (Daito), and the technique proposed by the school (Aikijujutsu). Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu means literally: Aikijujutsu of the Daito School.

The term Daito is composed of two ideograms associated with Ryu: Dai, which means great, and To, which means East. Daito Ryu can thus be translated as "School of the Great East". Nowadays, and within the specific context of Japanese martial arts, Daito Ryu solely designates an ancient school, the one of Master Takeda Sokaku. However, it should be viewed and appreciated as a cultural heritage deeply linked to the history of Japan.

The second part of the name consists of Aiki and Jujutsu. Aiki generally refers to the principle of the unification of energies. Ai means unite, gather and, by extension, assemble, strengthen. Ki means energy, spirit, breath. The combination of Ai and Ki can be translated as the expression of a concept meant to gather and combine all our faculties in order to achieve perfection.

The term Aiki could be interpreted here as "all unified faculties". Jujutsu (yawara) is known as an art of self-defence. In fact, Ju means soft, and jutsu means technique.

Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Katori Shinto Ryu are the two banks of a same river,
of which Yoseikan Shinto Ryu is the bed, and in which flows Aikibudo.
The banks of this river are the rails of tradition, and Aikibudo is the flow of evolution.

(Alain Floquet)

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