Master Alain Floquet was born on December 18, 1939 in Paris. At the age of nine, he undertook the practice of judo. In 1957, he moved on to study aikido and karate. He also trained in kendo and brilliantly took part in the world championship held in Tokyo in 1970. Today, Master Alain Floquet holds the rank of 8th dan Kyoshi in Aikibudo and 7th dan in Kobudo. He is a direct student of Master Minoru Mochizuki in Aikido Yoseikan, Master Yoshio Sugino in Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, and Master Tokimune Takeda in Daito Ryu Aikibudo. Also, Master Alain Floquet is the founder of the actual Aikibudo style, and the technical director of the International Aikibudo Federationn.


Progression de l'Aikido moderne, Sedirep, Boulogne, 1971.
La défense individuelle de soi-même ou d'autrui, Sedirep, Boulogne, 1984.
De l'aikido moderne à l'Aikibudo, Éditions Judogi, Paris, 1985.

Video - Aïkibudo : tradition et évolution, Éditions Minuit Cinq Productions, 1997.

International Aikibudo Federation
5, rue Victor
91350 Grigny France

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