I have written one fan-fic and I have another one on the way so I will update this page as soon as I am done writting it. I hope you enjoy your reading.


This fan-fic is set a couple of hours after the end of the episode Listening to Fear.

Short summary for Listening to Fear : Ben summons a Queller demon from outer-space to exterminate the many mental patients left behind by Glory. The demon follows Joyce who decided to go back home to wait for her impending brain surgery. Buffy kills the demon with the help of Spike. The episode ends with Buffy, Dawn and the Scooby gang waiting at the hospital.

Summary for Welcome : To her surprise, Buffy finds refuge in the support of Spike as she is awaiting news on the outcome of her mother's brain surgery. After Riley viciously attacks Spike, Buffy must acknowledge her hidden feelings for the vampire. But does such a relationship even stand a chance? Or is she heading straight for more chaos in her life, and another man abandoning her?

Rating : PG-13, the equivalent of what we get from the show.

Feedback : This is my first fan-fic so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please use the "Contact me" link on the home page if you want to point out a mistake (so I can learn from it), ask a question, report grammar errors (English is my third language after French and Greek, so there might be some of those), etc.



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