This is far from being an extended link database. My goal here is to share with you the links to the Web sites I go to most for all things regarding Buffy...the Vampire Slayer. is a site with, among other things, news, images, links and of course the best episode guide around. Complete with fun and clever features such as "body count", "dialogue to die for", "goofs" and so much more. is a site dedicated to the great actor behind the cutest vampire ever.They have articles, lots of images, a multimedia section and a very good James/Spike link database.

FanForum is a great place to connect with people who share your passion for your favourite TV show, celebrity, game,etc. Their "Buffy...the Vampire Slayer" related boards include : The Sarah Michelle Gellar board, The James Marsters board and The Buffy Board. By the way, my FanForum user name is Arielle. See you on the boards !

This is the place to go to for BtVS shooting scripts. Unlike transcripts, shooting scripts are not only about what is said. They also include what is done and how the characters feel. Another great thing is that you get to read the scenes that were cut due to length. This great site also has the first draft written for some episodes. It's surprising to see how a story can change between the moment it's first written and what we actually get to see when the episode airs.