The fact that Spike was a poet when he was human is one of my favourite things about him. The name of this site was inspired by the title of a poem that I wrote. It is Spikes's silent declaration of love to Buffy. In which he expresses his surprise, worries and hopes upon realizing his love for the Slayer.

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Unstill Heart

When I knew I loved you I cried I confess
What vengeful twist of fate
Made you, my foe, the One I must hate
Become my unique source of happiness

Something threatens the stillness of my heart
Which stopped beating when I became a vampire
This aching feeling that could make the pumping start
My God, it's growing love for a Slayer

The Sun that shines on you everyday is my enemy
From its burning rays I must stay afar
But comes night and its shielding obscurity
I can wish upon a million stars,

That Destiny,
And the Love Goddess
Will let this lone Prince of Darkness
Have you, Buffy, as my Princess.

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