May I Have This Dance
by Arielle

When I saw you the very first time
I wondered if I stood a chance
But someone went and stole my line
And asked if you wanted to dance

"I'm one step away"
The singer gave me a clue
On the dance floor you swayed
As I fell in love with you

Oblivious to the crowd between you and me
One look at you and my evil plans fell apart
I saw right through everybody
Because I was looking with my heart

We are the two poles of Nature, South and North
So all we ever do is fight
But every time we kick and punch back and forth
It reminds me the very first night

One time, I crashed to my knees in an alley
Had a moment of weakness and did a stupid thing
Almost spilled my guts about what you mean to me
Just like in the song when you were dancing

I hoped you would see my heart was true
Instead you ripped it out of my chest
Of course I'm beneath you
Everyone's beneath the best

Since then I lost you forever
There's no more music for me
No lyrics, no band, no singer
To express my misery

As I stand in a river of tears
Hoping to drown my greater regret
I look back on the years
And wish I could change the first time we met

There's something I'll dare to say if you ever come back
Cause I no longer wonder if I stand a chance
I will stretch my hand out and I will ask
Buffy, May I have this dance?