Lie to me
by Arielle

Even closed eyes will not blind me
From the truth my soul can see
My body knows when you are near
Your love is all my heart can hear
But you and I cannot be
So I ask you, lie to me

I'm not allowed to see that you have grown
You're evil they say, you're bad and you're wrong
I still want to breathe for you when you drown in me
I want to be the shore if you are the sea
But Nature forbids you to dream of me
So please, lie to me

My friends can't seem to understand
Just how much our love is grand
Love does not believe in violence
It makes enemies want to dance
But it's a crime for you to think of me
So I beg you, lie to me

Will the day ever come when I'll be free
To scream out what I keep in secrecy
Buried deep in my core lies a fire
It burns for you with unseen intensity
Spike tell me I'm a liar
When I ask you to lie to me