Opposites Attract
by Arielle

You are white
And I am black
They say opposites attract

I am Darkness
And you are Light
Let's make this hell shine so bright

You are ice
And I am fire
I want us to drown in each other

I am the Moon
And you are my Sun
When I get there, you're gone

I am the night
And you are the day
We're 24 hours of shades of grey

I am a monster
And you're a hero
But I'm all you got, you should know

I am the Big Bad
Are you good?
Do you always do the things you should?

I can't kill you
You are chosen to kill me
Come on! You know you wanna dance baby

Heat, desire
Loathing, disgust
You need my help, but I can't have your trust

You are the Slayer
And I am a vampire
But if you just said the words, there would be no barrier

Are you afraid of me, you know I can't bite you
If it's true you'll never love me
End my torment, just kill me

You want me out of your life
But you're not loosing anyone
You think you know, what you are, what's to come

You keep saying you're just a girl
But you treat me like a man
And for that, until the end of the world
Those you love I will defend

I love you
But you say you hate me
They say opposites attract
And we're as different as two can be.