I cannot resist
by Arielle

I try to stay away somehow
To quiet down the craving
But you are in my blood now
Every night I answer my calling

I let you touch me and taste me
I take it all, I even give
I surrender to you completely
When you enter the place I live

Close your eyes, I don't want you to see
Don't want you to know how I feel
I don't want to admit that you and me
Might not be pretty but it's real

I say "Stop!" and smash you against the wall
Embedding my nails in your cold flesh
My disloyal hands unite in betrayal
Raking bloody trails across your chest

I marked you, branded you mine
But these wounds are going to heal
Vanish away given a little time
Unlike the need that brakes my will

You say my love is cruel
I say It's not love, you fool!
Then you smile and kiss my lips
You know I try but I cannot resist