I hate you!



And I'm all you got!




Ain't love grand !





What you did for me and Dawn,
that was real.
I won't forget it....


Quote from : "Into the woods"

It's so grand that it brings enemies together. Riley confronts Spike about his feelings for the Slayer. For the first time, Spike aknowledges, out loud, that he is in love with Buffy.

Picture from : "Fool for Love"

Quote from : "Intervention"

This is the moment all the Buffy/Spike shippers had been waiting for. Buffy and Spike's first - no spell, no dream, no robot - absolutely REAL kiss.

Picture from : "Intervention"



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Here are some quotes that, in my opinion, represent milestones in the Buffy/Spike relationship. I have matched each quote with a picture that illustrates it well even if they don't go together in the actual episodes.

Quote from :"Becoming Part 2"

Buffy and Spike form their first alliance. With each other's help, they keep Angelus from destroying the world.

Picture from :"Fool for Love"

Quote from : "Something Blue"

In the aftermath of a spell gone wrong, Buffy and Spike get engaged. This line is from an hillarious scene in which Buffy tries to make Riley understand her sudden love for her old enemy.

Picture from : "Intervention"