Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the Galaxie Dance channel on my music service?
A: Galaxie Dance is channel 6 in the Galaxie service and is between the Pop Adult and Country channels where Galaxie's 30 channels are distributed. You can also check the Galaxie-DMX 40 channel line-up to find it.

Q: Who provides the music for Galaxie Dance?
A: The record labels in Canada provide most of the music for play, in the same way as they provide 12" vinyl records to club DJs and radio singles to music directors of radio and internet broadcasters

Q: I like the progressive tracks you play on Galaxie Dance, but not the more commercial mixes, why can't there be a separate underground channel?
A: Galaxie can only carry 30 channels and its Program Director has kindly made one channel available for people who love dance music played in clubs. When we started the channel it was Galaxie Rhythm Machine and we also played rap, R&B and hip hop. After some lobbying from listeners Galaxie Dance was created provide uninterrupted club music. If you like a more progressive sound, tune into the nights (8 pm to 6 am).

Q: With R&B, rap and hip hop being so popular in clubs, why don't you play these tracks?
A: Following a subscribers' survey Galaxie switched it's focus to dance. When Galaxie expands its' services, it will introduce a channel dedicated to R&B, rap and hip hop. In the mean time, if you have access to the Galaxie-DMX 40 channel line-up you can listen to the DMX Rap channel or Urban Beat channel. Information can be obtained on line at

Q: I like the vocal dance tracks you sometimes play, can you play more of these?
A: Galaxie Dance plays a cross section of music played in clubs. The tracks featured are reflected by the National Dance Chart top 40 dance tracks. If a vocal dance track is receiving club play, you will hear it on Galaxie Dance. If you prefer the more pop dance sounds, tune to Galaxie Hit List for a variety of pop music.

Q: What is the National Dance Chart?
A: The National Dance Chart, compiled by MPI, is the top 40 tracks being played across the country by DJs who are members of regional record pools. The pools receive vinyl and CDs from the record labels to promote the tracks they are releasing.

Q: Why are only some of the tracks you play featured on albums we can buy?
A: Club tracks are often only vinyl releases which the record labels copy to CDs so broadcasters like Galaxie, radio and internet broadcasters can play the sounds being heard in clubs. Many of these tracks are single releases for clubs and only find their way on to CD albums sold in stores when they become popular, or if the artist or producer involved has an album deal with a record label. Your requests to club DJs to play a track or to broadcasters like Galaxie help tracks to become popular and often result in their selection by record labels for inclusion on CDs.

Q: How much of the music heard on Galaxie dance is Canadian?
A: About 20% of the music heard on Galaxie dance is Canadian. Across its 30 channels Galaxie programs an average of 40% Canadian. The more dance music becomes popular, the more opportunity there is for Canadian artists and producers.

Q: Can my music be heard on Galaxie dance?
A: If you have a CD with music you have produced, you can send it to "Avenue Road, 204 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON, M5R 2V1". Be sure to mention you are sending it because of information received on this web site. Music selections are made entirely at the discretion of Avenue Road and depend upon quality of production, availability of space on the channel and the quantity of new music received at the time.

Q: How frequently is Galaxie dance updated?
A: The programs are updated weekly, with new music added weekly as it is programmed. There is always a fresh mix of songs, tailor-made for the hour, seven days a week.

Q: What information is displayed on the television screen?
A: Most suppliers, like Bell Expressvu, display on screen information from Galaxie including the Artist, Title (title of the track playing), Album (title of the album the track is featured on), catalogue number (the catalogue number of the album the track is featured on) and an additional information line. On Galaxie dance sometimes this is a general message, but in most cases the additional information line is the title of the mix, (including in many cases the name of the DJ or producer), the information is shown in parentheses (brackets) to distinguish the name of the mix from the Artist, Title or Album.

Q: Is Galaxie free?
A: In most cases Galaxie comes as part of your basic service as an additional feature. Galaxie is paid for out of the fee you pay to your supplier as a subscriber.

Q: Can I listen to Galaxie on-line or at work?
A: Galaxie is not licensed by the CRTC to be an on-line broadcaster, but if your employer is a subscriber, you can ask them to make Galaxie available as the background music in your office or use Galaxie has your telephone system on-hold music, which in many cases means you can have the music at your desk via your telephone hands free feature.

Q: Where can I find French language music on Galaxie?
A: Galaxie dance programs French Canadian dance productions from Quebec and they can be regularly heard on the channel, however most of the vocals in the productions are in English and not French. If you want to hear French language productions, there are 6 to choose from out of the 30 Galaxie channels - rock, pop, country and kids.

Q: I love the music you play on Galaxie dance, who should I tell?
A: Tell everyone you know who loves dance music to tune into Galaxie dance at home and let Galaxie head office know by sending an e-mail to: or sending a letter to Galaxie, PO Box/CP 222, Ottawa, Ontario, ON, K1Y 1E3

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