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Moby "18"
V2 63881-27127-2

Rhythms abound on the latest album from electronic guru, Moby. There's gospel a plenty and a mixture between female and male vocals and some spoken word stylings from the muso himself. The results are very English sounding and somewhere between Faithless, Fatboy Slim and Moby's previous outing "Play". Perhaps not as instantly groundbreaking as "Play", the rough edges and primarily smooth groove deliver energy levels that come close to chill out. This will not disappoint any Moby fan and with cuts like "Sleep Alone", with a masterful effect on the vocal and the closing "I'm Not Worried At All", Moby will be sure to open his following's ears to new audio territories. Star tracks of the 18 featured are #7 "Another Woman" with a great song structure and infectious production, #9 "Extreme Ways" and the party anthem (Moby style) #10 "Jam For The Ladies" that reminds me of the early days of Freskanova, the offshoot of UK label Fresh Records, that gave birth the the ever present Freestylers.

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June 4, 02

Daniel Desnoyers "Spin Vol. 4"

Here's the latest from Quebec's most loved radio mixshow host and club touring DJ, Daniel Desnoyers. An aural treat as usual with this semi-annual collection of what Daniel is playing on the club circuit. (As opposed to "Le Beat" styled around Canada's #1 mixshow on the Radio Energie network that 1.7 million listeners tune in to every Friday evening between 7 and 9pm, across 60% of the province). There's the characteristic edge in Daniel's groove that displays attitude and the passion of his club audience - on average Daniel Desnoyers has 3,000 PQ clubbers under his spell every week - and some of the freshest breaking beats in Canada. Power tracks include the mammoth import 12" active: Azzido da Bass "Speed (Can You Feel It?)" - heard at a recent outing at Red Lite After Hours in Laval, Robbie Rivera's monster "Funk-A-Tron", Warp Brothers "Blast The Speakers", Space Melody "Luna Park", DJ Herbie "King of Rock" (with a wicked sample of "Roadhouse Blues"), R.O.M "New York 2001", Quebec DJ producer Benoit Vinet's latest Dream Man "Acid Kick" and Rhythm Gangster "The Crowd Song".

For more on Daniel Desnoyers and a look at the "Spin Vol. 4" 30 second TV spot blowing viewers away across Quebec go to

(May 31, 2002)

PART ONE of a 2 part review:
Various Artists "The Circuit Party 7" mixed by Tracy Young
SPG 3036

Now here's a thing. Two 2CD compilations from the same label, featuring the same key tracks with a different DJ's mix: iio "Rapture", Goldtrix presents Andrea Brown "It's Love (Trippin')", Green Velvet "La La Land", Suzanne Palmer "Hide U" which one do you pick? Tracy Young "Circuit Party 7" or Johnny Vicious "Ultra. Dance 01"? Circuit Party 7 is ahead because of the strength the series has shown, but once you hit 7 volumes, finding the magic that gave spark to the initial 3 becomes harder and harder. Outside of the track swapping, Tracy Young balances a few gems like Muzik X-press "X-Press 2 (Bootleg Mix)" and the tribal Robbie Rivera "Feel This", but overall the vibe is a mixed bag with the commercial tracks rubbing shoulders with the progressive. If you like a mixed bag Circuit Party 7 is all good. If you like to keep your meat and vegetables apart on the plate, take the next selection. Ultra. Dance 01.

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(May 31, 2002)

PART TWO of a 2 part review:
Johnny Vicious Presents
Ultra. Dance 01
SPG 2200

Brand spanking new 2CD set that justly deserves more attention than its' initial showing...combining mainstream with the underground on two separate CDs, both continuously mixed by US DJ, Johnny Vicious. SPG's debut release from their alliance with Ultra Records, presents a heartwarming mix of this year's club staples and recent Galaxie Dance classics on CD1 including iio "Rapture", Goldtrix presents Andrea Brown "It's Love (Trippin')", Green Velvet "La La Land", PPK "Resurrection", Dee Dee "Forever" and Lasgo "Something". (As noted above 3 of these power tracks can be found on SPG's sister release "Circuit Party 7"). CD2 features a selection of crossover underground gems and Galaxie Dance current favourites including Suzanne Palmer "Hide U" (also on "Circuit Party 7"), Tukan "Light A Rainbow" and Rhythm Gangster "The Crowd Song" with some progressive picks from Mr. Vicious including his own "Trip to Uranus" featuring Lula.

For more on Ultra Dance and Johnny Vicious go to and

(May 31, 2002)

Baby Anne "I'm About To Break"
Moonshine 80173-2

A little bit of electro anyone? Now breaks have been around since James Brown jammed with Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Bobby Byrd and Bootsy Collins in the JBs in the early 70's, so it's not surprising a contemporary breaks album will carry the flavour of the new white knight of electronica, it's abbreviated cousin, itself reborn from the 80's: electro. The electro clash is evident from the opening Tony Faline cut "DownDiggyDown" and carries through the fresh MC, Jus Chris, in "Cut'n Scratch'n" and into the techno leanings of Speedo "Phat Beat" and Baby Anne's own "Fury". Highlights include the insistent DJ X "Scream" and some lovely Planet Rock flourishes in Algorhythm (DJs Moody & Swifty) "Tic-Toc-Boom".  If breaks are your thing then Baby Anne's outing on Moonshine is as good a bag as you'll find.

For more on Baby Anne go to

(May 31, 2002)

Masters at Work "Our Time Is Coming"
Tommy Boy TBCD 1536

Masters of the groove. I first heard this album at Miami Winter Music Conference as a sampler. If you can't immediately find this record in stores, please persist, it is one of the most rewarding hybrid house/nu-soul albums to be released this year with some of the finest vocalists you will find in the dance genre. There is, of course, the masterful "Work" featuring Puppah Nas-T and Denise. That track has been played exhaustively on Galaxie Dance since BMG released it prior to Tommy Boy records splitting its catalogue between Warner Music and it's newly created Tommy Boy Silver label in New York. For now the album is only available on import but that may change once Tommy Boy Silver do a Canadian distribution deal that is rumoured to be going through Sony Music Canada...Back to the body of work: my highlight is "Backfired" featuring India. This house gem just kicks with energy and yet is smooth enough to sip your martini to. There is "Our Time Is Coming" featuring Roy Ayers, "Every Now and Then" featuring Billie, "Lean On Me" featuring James Ingram and "Latin Lover" featuring Stephanie Mills. The album closes with an emotion filled voice-mail to Kenny Dope (who together with "Little" Louie Vega makes up the DJ producer team that is Masters at Work) from a fan Michele who narrowly escaped the World Trade Center 9-11 disaster because she stayed at home to listen to one of his cuts, "Love to Love" featuring Roy Ayers and Jody Watley, for just one more time...

For more on Masters at Work go to, or

(May 21, 2002)

Timo Maas "Loud"
Kinetic 67728-54706-2

Phew! This album opens at a sprint with "Help Me" (featuring Kelis on vocal) and continues hell for leather with "Manga". It's a thought provoking blend of house and electro in a trendsetting vogue, replete with enough 80's synth and vocal stylings to please anyone on the tip of the current wave. The pace never recaptures the opening gambit, but the single pick "To Get Down" and the tracks featuring Martin Bettinghaus "Ubik" and "That's How I've Been Dancin" serve as highlights.

For more on Timo Maas go to, or

(May 13, 2002)

Miguel Migs "Nude Tempo 01"
Naked Music/Astralwerks ASW 12014-2

The sticker on the shrinkwrap bills this album as "Sun-drenched deep house grooves". Now there's a marketeers' mark if I ever saw one! (It takes one to know one!). I have deep respect for Naked Music and the guys at Astralwerks - last month I waxed lyrically over the Blue Six album and the Lazy Dog Vol. 2. If you like your grooves to wash over you in a soulful epic house style, with vocals reminiscent of Sade and atmosphere that would probably be Dimitri from Paris if he played out at the Nikki Beach Bar in Miami Beach, FL, then this is for you. Vibe tracks from Blue Six "Love Yourself" (Basti & Vincenzo Remix), Derrick White "Soul 2 Let Go" (Sir Piers & Ed Funk's Curious Deep Groove Dub), Headstock "Highly Strung" and from the mixmaster himself...Miguel Migs "You Bring Me Up" (Dub).

For more naked-ness go to

(May 13, 2002)

Various Artists "Verve//Remixed"
Verve/Universal 3145896062

RESPECT! to Glenda Rush at Universal for servicing me this record!

I said it about rinocerose "music kills me" last month.

This month if you buy just one record, go buy "Verve//Remixed".

When you listen, you realise just how much is missing from contemporary music production. These songs may well have been reconstructed by the producers, remixers and djs that the crew at Verve and Universal assembled for this project, but the magnificence of the songwriting still shines through. From the opening bars of Willie Bobo "Spanish Grease" (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Muga Reserva Mix) to Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit" (Tricky Remix) this album held me enraptured. (I'm sorry I never liked Tony Scott's "Hare Krishna" and King Britt's Funke Mix does nothing to improve the track for me!). Not since Basement Jaxx dropped "Remedy" a couple of summers back, have I been recommending everyone I know to buy, beg or borrow a copy of an album. Verve//Remixed is worth every cent of the $18.99 is charging for it! If you are curious how the originals sounded you can purchase the Verve//Unmixed album with the classic versions of the remixed tracks.

For more on Verve//Remixed go to

(May 13, 2002)

Danny Tenaglia "back to basics"
System/Fusion III SYS 1002-2

Can you buy 2 CDs this month?

I certainly hope so.

For the more progressive at heart, this is an essential purchase. Danny Tenaglia's marathon sets (14 hours clocked in in Miami during Winter Music Conference at SPACE - I arrived at 9am in the morning...) are legendary. To the Toronto clubber and Industry nightclub regular BACK TO BASICS will be an immediate step into Danny Tenaglia's live set. It's all there, the deep, the tribal, the lucsious, the pop vocal, the techno trip, the trance mission; all the elements that make a Danny Tenaglia experience lasting and resilient. Stand out tracks include the magical BRS "Catch The Boat", Black Powder "Mosferat", Cevin Fisher "Work It Out" (C.F's Original NYC Mix), Corrina Joseph "Live Your Life With Me", Contact "Contact" (16B Remix), Quicksound featuring Isabelle Rajotte "Stop Foolin' Around", The Kings of Tribal "Situation"...In Danny's own words in the liner notes from the album:

"Hello Party People"! As you may imagine, I can easily spend an entire day thanking so many artists, friends and fans from A-Z, but I'm gonna try and keep this short and sweet (like me) :) Basically, I treated this mixed compilation like any other production or remix that I've worked on and put my "all" into it. There are sooo many difficult decisions to make as there are sooo many great records out there to choose from. I do hope you all enjoy this CD as much as I enjoyed making it. I honestly am saying from my heart that although I've been quite happy with every mixed CD I have ever released, I truly feel this is my best display of my work as a club DJ and what a night on my dance floor might sound like from beginning to end (minus the other 12 hours I could have played for) :0 The term "Back to Basics" alone means a lot to me and I like to think that I've captured as much of that vibe on this CD as possible. I also feel this compilation is a great representation of a Friday night journey here in NY @ Vinyl, and this would equally be my interpretation of a night if I were @ back to basics, no doubt. We may be on opposite sides of the ocean, but we sure seem to be riding on the same waves! "Surf's Up"!

For more on Back To Basics go to

(May 15, 2002)

rinocerose "music kills me"
V2 63881-27118-2

I love this album. Go buy a copy now.

For those who like guitar based dance music that sounds as if it could be played live, this is for you. In the recent tradition of French producers like St. Germain, Air and Daft Punk this takes a leaf out of both Dimitri from Paris and Fatboy Slim's style books and presents a fresh innovative sound that captures your attention. From the title track "Music Kills Me" to the closing "Highway to Heaven" this is a winner.

For more on rinocerose go to

(April 4, 2002)

Ben Watt & Jay Hannan (Various Artists) "Lazy Dog Volume 2" (2 CD)
Astralwerks/Virgin 7243 8 11937 2 3

The first "Lazy Dog Deep House Music" was an aural feast for the ears. The sophomore release continues in much the same vein and as such, just isn't as groundbreaking and fresh as the first album, however, while its predecessor is a mouth-watering appetizer, Volume 2 still is a worthy main course. The album notes say that Lazy Dog is travelling and the soulful sounds of Ben Watt getting down graced Nikki Beach last week in Miami. If they are in your neighbourhood it will be one helluva party, don't miss it! Essential cuts featured include E-Smoove "The Guitar" and Yolanda Wyns "I Know You, I Live You" (Joey Negro Revival Dub).

For more on Lazy Dog go to and

Dimitri from Paris (Various Artists) "After The Playboy Mansion" (2 CD)
Astralwerks/Virgin 7243 8 117122 6

There's a pattern emerging here...Just as Lazy Dog 1 cut new territory, Dimitri from Paris's "A Night At The Playboy Mansion" captured the warmth and energy of Dimitri's live sets. The Heffner endorsed second outing sees Dimitri chilling out on CD 1 with some of the best lounge selections around and then chasing up the tempo on CD 2, but overall the atmosphere never rekindles the fire ignited on the first release. The repertoire selection is rich and if you have a taste for the exotic, cuts by Lil Louis "Nyce & Slo", Maze "Twilight", Les Nubians "Makeda", Gwen Guthrie "Peanut Butter, Grace Jones "Feel Up" and Blaze "Seasons of Love" feel brand new in Dimitri's laidback mix on CD 1. Back to the dancefloor on CD 2 and overall it sounds good, but there aren't as many stand out tracks, top of the list are De La Soul featuring Chaka Khan "(It Ain't) All Good" (Can 7 Supermarket Mix), Boris Dlugosch featuring Roisin Murphy "Never Enough" and Dim's own re-edit of the Philadelphia classic Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes "Don't Leave Me This Way".

For more on Dimitri from Paris go to and

(April 4, 2002)

Chris Sheppard (Various Artists) "Club Cutz 606"
BMG/Ariola 74321-90548-2

Chris Sheppard's latest hits package on BMG contains many Galaxie Dance recent classics including the Deep Dish Space remix of Iio "Rapture", John Creamer & Stephane K remix of Kosheen "Hide U", Groove Armada's own Diskotek mix of "Superstylin" and current European hits Dee Dee "Forever", Dance Nation "Sunshine" and Ian Van Dahl's "Will I" (his follow up to last year's "Castles In The Sky"). If you don't mind the sprinkling of urban tracks from Blu Cantrell, Alicia Keys, Ghetto Concept, Nelly and Dream Warriors, then this is for you.

For more information go to for the lowdown on Sheppard's album releases and the frequency and times of Sheppard's Club Cutz radio broadcasts in your area.

(April 4, 2002)

Misstress Barbara "Relentless Beats Vol. 2"
Moonshine/Koch MM 80165-2

The third sophomore release reviewed today actually has our favourite Montreal DJ explaining the change in the soundscape from Vol. 1 to Vol. 2. Her words in the liner notes explain it all..

"The concept of Relentless Beats is to show you what I like, what I do, what I play behind the relentless wheels of energy! Volume 1 was an introduction, not-so-hard, funky techno and techno-house, more club oriented. As in videogames, sports and studies, Volume 2 is the next level; harder, more intense, higher energy, closer to the experience of watching me live in a club with a big sound system. If you haven't heard Volume 1 yet, you might want to get it before listening to Volume 2, as a way of following my concept. Or, check it out after listening to this one, it will soothe your ears because this mix is pumping! There is no relaxing when you're with Miss Stress! Now, here is one trick for you to enjoy the following hour: just stay close to the music, with your heart and your mind, and appreciate it for what it really is...turn up the volume...and...enjoy!!!

Enough said! Featuring a mind expanding 23 tracks, including three of Misstress Barbara's own compositions and one under her house pseudonym Barbara Brown alongside the cream of the underground including Sharpside, FLR, Mateo Murphy, this is for those who enjoy their beats hard.

For more information go to

(April 4, 2002)

Daniel Desnoyers (Various Artists) "Le Beat Vol. 3"
D-Noy/DEP DDN2-1647

The curious thing about Daniel Desnoyers is he always seems way ahead of the curve. Maybe Montreal is just closer, culturally, to Europe, or maybe Daniel's antennae work overtime but his albums always manage to capture recent classics with a good helping of tracks you don't know at the time, that end up being huge hits. After Daniel took Quebec radio listeners down the rock road with the massive hit from The Soulchip feat V. Scott "Let's Rock" he held them captive with a eerily close cover of AC DC's "Thunderstruck" by Blizzard Bros. Inc. Pack these up with the national club chart toppers ATFC "Sleeptalk", Tips & Tricks vs. Wisdome "Let's Groove", Cosmic Gate "Exploration of Space" and the current breakers Oris Jay presents Delsena "Trippin" and Flickman "Go To My Head", this is a worthy edition to the club goer's collection. Those in English Canada should also check out last year's Spin Volume 3 that features DJ Rob Fabrie "Make Some Noise" and Cuban Sluts "Bossa Nova Baby" currently breaking in clubs outside of Quebec!

For more Daniel Desnoyers go to

If you want to experience the sound of Daniel Desnoyers, join over 1.7 million Quebecois and catch his 2 hour radio show on the Quebec Radio Energie network, or go online to and select CKMF for a live streaming of the show every Friday night between 7 and 9 pm EST.

(April 4, 2002)

Blue Six "Beautiful Tomorrow"
Naked Music/Astralwerks/Virgin 7243 8 111152 9

Sometimes it's hard to resist adding a whole album to the Galaxie Dance playlist. It's even harder when the album is just one notch below the lowest energy of the channel. Regular listeners may have noticed the drop in energy and tempo and looked at their screens to see Blue Six "Music & Wine" or "Pure" or "Come Inside". These are as energetic as Blue Six gets on "Beautiful Tomorrow", the rest of the album is just as accomplished but instead of being a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5, verge towards 2 and under...the perfect soulmate music for dance music lovers. Serve up with your favourite libation (a non-vintage Pol Roger would go well) and you have the perfect mood enhancement.

(April 4, 2002)


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