Top 100 tracks on Galaxie Dance ~ Jul 1-31, 2002
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(updated Aug 20, 2002)
Rank / Artist / "Title" (Mix) / Label/Distributor
PLAYS REPORT -July 1-31, 2002

1. Visionary feat. Sol Azul "Bossa Sola" nice+smooth
2. P!nk "Don't Let Me Get Me" (Tracy Young Club Mix) Arista/BMG
3. Tall Paul "Precious Heart" (Rick Kidz Remix) Duty Free/Moonshine/Koch
4. Headstock "Highly Strung" (Album Mix) Nude/Astralwerks/EMI
5. Shakedown "At Night" (Kid Creme Remix) Sony
6. Angie Stone "I Wish I Didn't Miss You" (Pound Boys Stoneface Bootleg) J Records/BMG
7. Faithless feat. Dido "One Step Too Far" (Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix) BMG
8. Rhythm Gangsta "Crowd Song" Motivo/Strictly/WMC
9. DB Boulevard "Point of View" (Audio Drive Remix) Sony
10. Luna Park "Space Melody" (Full Moon Mix) UnderDOG/D-Noy/DEP
11. Masters At Work feat. India "Backfired" (Album Mix) MAW/Tommy Boy/Import
12. Basstoy "Runnin" (Vocal Mix) Strictly Rhythm/Tycoon
13. SZ "Somebody (Is Watching Me)" (Club Remix) Colorz/Universal
14. M.C. Mario "Freak The Funk" (Barrucco's Factory Remix) Tycoon/Sony
15. Soul du Jour "Over & Over" (Club Mix) Gossip/Isba/BMG
16. Mystic "The Bangin' Drummer" Asphalt/SFP/D-Noy/DEP
17. Sophie Ellis Bextor "Murder On The Dancefloor" (G Club Remix) Universal
18. Jump "Luv It Up" Mo's Music Machine/Dark
19. Azzido Da Bass "Speed (Can You Feel It?)" (Jan Driver Remix) edel/D-Noy/DEP
20. Elvis vs JXL "A Little Less Conversation" (radio edit) BMG
21. Moby "Another Woman" (Album Mix) V2/BMG
22. Addy "Not Alone" Indie
23. Blue Six "Love Yourself" (Basti & Vincenzo Remix) Nude/Astralwerks/EMI
24. Rinocerose "Lost Love" (Dubtribe Remix) V2/BMG
25. Robbie Rivera/Shawnee Taylor "Funkatron" (R.R.'s Drop That Funk Mix) Subliminal/D-Noy/DEP
26. Human League "All I Ever Wanted" (Alter Ego Remix) L-Music/Select
27. Goldtrix presents Andrea Brown "It's Love (Trippin')" (Different Gear Mix) Hi-Bias/Popular/EMI
28. Hydraulic Dogs "Shake For Me" (Majestic Remix) Sony
29. Marc et Claude "Tremble" (Riva Mix) Popular/EMI
30. Teknostep "Nextune" (Album Mix) nice+smooth
31. Mad'House "Like A Prayer" (Progressive Mix) Bio Records/BMG
32. Timo Maas "To Get Down" (Fatboy Slim Remix) Kinetic/BMG
33. Timo Maas feat. Kelis "Help Me" (Album Mix) Kinetic/BMG
34. Laut Sprecher feat. Katie Skate "Omnibus" (Remix - Extended Version) Robbins/BMG
35. The Ones "Flawless" (Different Gear Mix) Hi-Bias/Popular/EMI
36. Moby "We Are All Made of Stars" (Timo Maas Dub Remix) V2/BMG
37. Party XL "My House" Sound Wave/D-Noy/DEP
38. X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne "Lazy" Skint/Sony
39. X-Press 2 feat. Dieter Meier "I Want You Back" (Album Mix) Skint/Sony
40. X-Press 2 "Muzikizum" (Album Mix) Skint/Sony
41. Jamiroquai "Foolosophy" (Bini & Martini Remix) Sony
42. Daniel Bedingfield "Gotta Get Thru This" (DnD Full Length Version) Relentless/BMG
43. Dirt Devils "The Drill" (Lisa Pin-Up Remix) Hard On/NuLife/BMG
44. X-Press 2 "Smoke Machine" (Album Mix) Skint/Sony
45. Green Velvet "La La Land" Sony
46. 4 Clubbers "Children" (Original Mix Radio Edit) Popular/EMI
47. Perfect Phase "Slammer Jammer" BPM Dance/D-Noy/DEP
48. System F "The Dance Valley Theme" (Club Mix) Popular/EMI
49. Britney Spears "I'm Not A Girl..." (Chocolate Puma Dub) Zomba/BMG
50. Tukan "Light A Rainbow" (ATB Remix) BMG
51. X-Press 2 "AC/DC" (Album Mix) Skint/Sony
52. Boomtang "Movin' On" (Nick Holder Mix) Virgin/EMI
53. Boomtang "59 Ways To Funk" (edit) Virgin/EMI
54. No Doubt "Hella Good" (Roger S. Remix) Universal
55. Kylie "Love At First Sight" (Kid Creme Vocal Dub) Virgin/EMI
56. Bionik Blue "Take Control" D-Noy/DEP
57. Dynamic "La Marche de la Lune" (Extended House) Linus/Warner
58. Cornershop "Lessons Learned Rocky I-III" (Detroit Grand Pubah's Mix) Wiija Records/Beggars
59. PPK "Resurrection" Sony
60. Magalehna "Magalehna" (Rhythm Klub Mix) Tycoon/Sony
61. Prodigy "Baby's Got A Temper" (Instrumental) XL/Select
62. Shirtlifter "For Your Mind (body & soul)" Eastern Bloc
63. Masters At Work "Work" (K.Dope Smashin' Mix) Tommy Boy/BMG
64. Oris Jay "Trippin" (Dargwan Mix) Gusto/D-Noy/DEP
65. Dance Nation "Sunshine" (Original Vocal Version) Zomba/BMG
66. Jelo "Effective" (J2 Powermix) 2 Wars & A Revolution
67. Aphrodite "Hoochie" (Rough Dub Mix) V2/BMG
68. Tina Novak "Been Around The World" (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix) Spere Records/BMG
69. Oris Jay presents Delsena "Trippin" (Agent Sumo Mix) Gusto/D-Noy/DEP
70. Lange "Drifting Away" (Hiver & Hammer Mix) Popular
71. Flickman "Go To My Head" (Extended Mix) D-Noy/DEP
72. Zero 7 "Destiny" (Photek Remix) Mushroom/Palm Pictures
73. Dirty Vegas "I Should Know" (Album Mix) Capitol/EMI
74. Mr. Lunapaaark "First Morning On Mars" Midtown/D-Noy/DEP
75. R.O.M. presents Marko Von Schoenberg "NY 2001" (Voices Long Version) Contrat de Luxe/UMC
76. Perpetuous Dreamer/Armin Van Burin "The Sound of Goodbye" (Burin's Rising Star Mix) Popular/EMI
77. ATB "Hold You" (Morph Mix) Popular/EMI
78. The Baldwin Brothers "Dream Girl" (Pilgrims of the Mind Remix) TVT/Universal
79. Stuhr/Moonraker "Organic Love" nice+smooth
80. Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes" (Thunderpuss Club Mix) Sony
81. KMC feat Dhany "I Feel So Fine" (Nicoromano Club Mix) Tycoon/Sony
82. Miguel Migs "You Bring Me Up" (Dub) Nude/Astralwerks/EMI
83. Kinder Atom feat. Michael Rose  "Illegal" (TGM's Basswerk Remix) nice+smooth
84. Solar City feat. Pepper Mashay "You And Me (Feels So Good)"
85. Groove Buster feat. MC Miker G "Lay Down The Beats" Hit It/D-Noy/DEP
86. Funky Green Dogs "Free" (Album Mix) Twisted/MCA/Universal
87. Dirty Vegas "Throwing Shapes" (Album Mix) Capitol/EMI
88. Rinocerose/Felix da Housecat "Lost Love" (Thee Clubhead Mix) V2/BMG
89. Kinder Atom "Ladies" (DJ Shine + Directions Soft Mix) nice+smooth
90. Zero 7 "End Theme" (Roni Size Mix) Mushroom/Palm Pictures
91. Kosheen "Catch" (Gordon Kaye Vocal Mix) Moksha/BMG
92. Route 401 "Pinochio" (Long Nose Remix) Tycoon/Sony
93. Paffendorf "Be Cool" (Club Mix) Popular/EMI
94. Love Selective "El Bimbo Latino" (axwell's vocal mix) VOTU/BMG
95. Milk Inc. "Wide Awake" (Club Mix) Popular/EMI
96. Mass Medium "Mindblower" Midtown/D-Noy/DEP
97. The Space Lovers "Spacelover" (Daniel & Tignino Mix) Popular/EMI
98. Da Bootleggers "Reconstruction" Midtown/D-Noy/DEP
99. Derb "In Africa" (Survivor's Mix) Strictly Rhythm/Tycoon
100. Rinocerose/Felix da Housecat "Lost Love" (The Kitty Luv Dub) V2/BMG
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