Top 200 tracks on Galaxie Dance ~ January 1 - December 31, 2001
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2001 was a remarkable year no matter which way you look at it...reviewing the following 200 tracks that received the most plays during the 365 days of non-stop 24 hour broadcasting on Galaxie Dance it reminded me it is both a privelege and a pleasure to bring Galaxie listeners the best in club tracks from around the world.

Most of these tracks will be featured in our programming in 2002, during daytime programming from 9 am to 6 pm (EST) and in the classic programming on weekends between 10 am and 2 pm (EST).

Nigel Newton
Programmer - Galaxie Dance

Rank / Artist / "Title" / Label/Distributor

1. Sound De-zign "Happiness" (Coast To Coast Remix) BMG
2. Timo Maas & Martin Bettinghaus "Ubik" Clubtools/edel
3. Degeneration "Una Musica Senza Ritmo" (That Kid Remix #) BMG
4. Reno Disco "Girl Talk" Haute Couture/Select
5. Tips & Tricks vs. Wisdome "Let's Groove" (Extended Mix) Universal
6. Faithless "We Come 1" (Rollo & Sister Mix) Cheeky/BMG
7. Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra Fox "Touch Me" (Double 99 12" Club Mix) BMG
8. Rinocerose "Mes Vacances A Rio (2eme)" (Mr. Mongk's Mix) V2/BMG
9. Madison Avenue "Everything You Need" (Olav Basoski Mix) Vicious Grooves/Sony
10. Klubbheads "Big Bass Bomb" (Flex Klubb Mix) BMG
11. Deidra Jones "Alive" Clubtools/edel  
12. Dirty Vegas "Days Go By" (Full Vocal Mix) Parlophone/Credence/EMI
13. Jungle Brother vs. The Buffalo Brunch "Freakin' You" (Caribbean Sunshine Remix) BMG
14. Tanga Chicks vs. Dimitri from Paris "Brasil Over Zurich" (Original Mix) Isba/DEP
15. Thunderpuss feat. Latanza Waters "Stand Up" (E-Smoove Soul Revival) BMG
16. Warp Brothers "We Will Survive" (Aquagen Remix) Universal
17. Les Jardiniers "DeLuxe" (Reno Deep Mix) Haute Couture/Select
18. Saturnino "Blame It On The Bassline" (Kamasutra Dub Remix) Clubtools/edel
19. Azzido Da Bass "Doom's Night" (Stanton Warriors Vocal Mix) edel / SONG
20. Fragma feat. Maria Rubia "Everytime You Need Me" Clubtools/edel  
21. Reno Disco "Faith Haute" Couture/Select
22. Sonique "I Put A Spell On You" (Remix) Republic/Universal
23. Bini & Martini "Happiness" (David Morales Mix) Azuli/Mega
24. Modjo "Chillin" (Original Mix) Universal
25. Tony Sweat "Sex Machine" (Club Mix) Isba/DEP
26. Victor Calderone presents Deborah Cooper "Are You Satisfied" (Club Edit) BMG
27. M.C. Mario "Move It" (Barrucco's Remix) Tycoon/Sony
28. Darude "Feel The Beat" (Original Mix) Popular/EMI
29. ATC "My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Da Da Dum)" (Triple X Extended Remix) BMG
30. Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra Fox "Touch Me" (Original 12") BMG
31. Simply Jeff "Gotta Be Tough" (Freddy Fresh On Dope Mix) Brooklyn Music/Navarre
32. Mandalay "Not Seventeen" (Tom Middleton's Cosmos Mix) BMG
33. Lock n Load "Blow Ya Mind" (Club Caviar Remix) Jive/BMG
34. Darude "Out of Control" (Album Mix) Neo/Popular/EMI
35. Public Domain "Operation Blade" (Bass In The Place London) Xtravaganza/Tycoon/Sony
36. Afropeans "no. 1" Clubtools/edel
37. Native "Feel The Drums" (Original Mix) BMG
38. Fiorello "Azurro" (Mricky & Danieli Toys Dub) BMG
39. Airheadz "Stanley (Here I Am)" (Warp Brothers Club) Xpose/NuMuzik
40. The Groove Cartel "Say You'll Be Mine" (Jazzy M Dub) Clubtools/edel (import)
41. Destiny's Child "Independent Women" (Calderone Club Mix) Sony
42. Modjo "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" (Club Mix) Universal
43. Stark "You" (dub version) Tycoon/Sony
44. ATB "Fields of Love" (Darude Remix) Kontor/Popular/EMI
45. Mystikal "Shake It Fast" (Anonymous People Remix) Jive/BMG
46. Cuban Sluts "Bossa Nova Baby" (Original Mix) Gusto
47. Grace Jones vs. Funkstar De Lux "Pull Up To The Bumper" (Funk's Extension Mix) edel/SONG
48. Craig David "7 Days" (Sunship Vocal Mix) Wildstar / edel
49. 99th Affair feat. Latanza Waters "Mountain Top" (Soultronic Stomp) Clubtools/edel
50. Flickman "Sound of Bamboo" SPG/Universal
51. Afro Medusa "Pasilda" (Knee Deep Club Mix) Popular/EMI
52. Mauro Picotto "Komodo" Popular/EMI
53. Soul Provider "Rise" Popular/EMI
54. Tara MacLean "Divided" (Delerium remix - club edit) Nettwerk/EMI
55. Lisa T "Feel My Love" (Sexual Extended Mix) DKD/DEP
56. Gardeweg "Push" (Remix) SPG
57. Becca "You Make Me Feel" (Extended Radio Edit) DKD/DEP
58. Mirwais "Naive Song" (Olav Basoski Remix) Sony
59. Santos "Camels" (Saints & Sinners Remix Edit) Expanded/SONY
60. Fred Everything "Without" Turbo
61. Georgie Porgie "Life Goes On" (GT-Xpress Club Mix) Ariola/BMG
62. Jamiroquai "Little L" (Boris Duglosh Mix) Sony
63. Fred Everything "Under The Sun" (Album Mix) Turbo
64. Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers "All I Do" (Bini & Martini Ocean Mix) Defected/BMG
65. Kristine W "Lovin' You" (Richard Humpty Vission Remix) RCA/BMG
66. Bionik Blue "Feel Alright" D-Noy/DEP
67. Corrina Joseph "Live Your Life With Me" (Original Mix) XL/Select
68. Ron Carroll presents The RC Groove Project "The Sermon" (Ron's Chicago Style Vibe Mix) Isba/DEP
69. Kluster feat. Ron Carroll "My Love" D-Noy/DEP
70. Ricky Martin "She Bangs" (Obadam's English Afro-Bang) Sony
71. Santos "Camels" (Recycled Loop Remix) Expanded/SONY
72. Roger Sanchez "Another Chance" (Album Version) Sony
73. Cyril K presents Kaina "Soul Save The Queen"(David Chong's Mighty Mix) La Java/DEP
74. Loving Paris "Success Latino" (Club Lounge Mix) Elliot/MRP
75. Christina Aguilera "Come On Over Baby (All I Want is You)" (Sunship Vocal Mix) RCA/BMG
76. SuReal "You Take My Breath Away" (DJ Tiesto Mix) Tycoon/SONY
77. Voodoo & Serano "Blood is Pumpin" (Azzido Da Bass Mix) NetRecord-z/Popular/EMI
78. Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers "All I Do" (Cleptomaniacs Ghost Mix) Defected/BMG
79. French Affair "Do What You Like" (I Like House Remix) BMG
80. System F "Cry" (Original Extended Mix) BMG
81. Love Inc. "Come On (It's Only Love)" (DBA Mix) Defected/BMG
82. Sash! "Together Again" (Extended Mix) Isba/DEP
83. Web "Lovin' Times" SPG/Universal
84. Aphrodite "Summer Breeze" V2/BMG
85. Love Inc. "Come On (It's Only Love)" (Pierre J's Funked Up Remix) ViK/BMG
86. Bob Sinclair "I Feel For You" (Original Club Mix) Universal
87. Jennifer Lopez "Love Don't Cost A Thing" (Full Intention Club Mix) Sony
88. Darude "Sandstorm" Popular/EMI
89. Stereo MCs "Deep, Down And Dirty" (Different Gear Vocal Mix) Island/Universal
90. The Crazy Drummer "Party Drums" (Extended Mix) Popular/EMI
91. French Affair "My Heart Goes Boom (La Did Da Da)" (Sharp Festival Remix) Ariola/BMG
92. Keoki "Relax" (Original) Moonshine/Koch
93. Mephisto Odyssey "Some Kinda Freak"
94. Madison Avenue "Who The Hell Are You" (Illicit Remix) Sony
95. 7th District feat. Janine Cross "All The Things You Are" D-Noy/DEP
96. Hatiras "Spaced Invader" (King Unique Extended) Universal
97. Kinky Roland "Born Funky" (MaUVe Mix) BMG
98. Ce Ce Peniston "Lifetime To Love" (Rosabel Attitude Vox) 4Play/KOCH
99. Black Legend vs. Barry White "Let The Music Play" (Funkstar Deluxe Mix) Time/Universal
100. Club Caviar "Game Over" D-Noy/DEP
101. Pink "Most Girls" (There You Go Sovereign Mix) LaFace/BMG
102. Nightflight "Shake It Up" SPG/Universal
103. Bohannon "Let's Start The Dance" Universal
104. Madonna "Don't Tell Me" (Vission Remix) Warner
105. Pink "You Make Me Sick" (HQ2 Big Room Club Vocal) LaFace/BMG
106. Jagged Edge "Where The Party At" (8 Jam Mix) Sony
107. Rinocerose "Mes Vacances A Rio" (Francois K Remix) V2/BMG
108. Basement Jaxx "Romeo" XL/Select
109. Misstress Barbara "Someone's Elimination" Energia/Districk/DEP
110. Ian Pooley "900 Degrees" (Tom Middleton Cosmos Party Mix) V2/BMG
111. Sade "By Your Side" (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix) Sony
112. Bel Amour "Bel Amour" (Club Mix) SPG/Universal
113. Disco-Tex "I Can Cast A Spell" (Extended Mix) SPG/Universal
114. Faithless "We Come 1" (Rocket vs Jeno Remix) Cheeky/BMG
115. Bass Bumpers "The Music Turns Me On" (Original 12" Version) Mad About Music/Sony
116. Silverstone "If I Had A Choice" Popular/EMI
117. Mandalay "Beautiful" (Calderone After Hour Mix) BMG
118. Shortie vs. Black Legend "Somebody" (Black Legend vs. J-Reverse Mi Time/Nu-Muzik
119. Avant Garde "Don't Stop" (David Gausa At Stereo Dark Remix) Blanco Y Negro/Nu-muzik
120. Basement Jaxx "Jus 1 Kiss" (Album Mix) XL/Select
121. Funky Rickstor vsMC Shurakano "The Dance Floor Is Yours" (Loop On The Moog Mix) DKD/DEP
122. Afrika Bambaataa "Planet Rock" (Paul Okenfold Swordfish Club) BMG
123. Basement Jaxx "Where's Your Head At" (Album Mix) XL/Select
124. ATC "Around The World La La la La" (Ruegsegger # Wittwer Club Mix) Kingsize/BMG
125. Celeda "The Underground" (Extended Mix) SPG/Universal
126. Subculture feat. LeJuan "My Way" (DJ Antoine + Mad Mark Tribal Mix) Ariola/BMG
127. Bad Habit Boys "Weekend" (CJ Stone & George Dee's Club Mix) Popular
128. Lock n Load "House Some More" (Steve Thomas Mix) BMG
129. Rank 1 "Airwave" (Dutch Force vs Rank #1 Remix) BMG
130. Miami Connection "Watching Me" D-Noy/DEP
131. Goose Bump "Never Gonna Do" Popular/EMI
132. Spiller "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)"  Kontor/edel
133. David Morales presents Albert Cabrera "Higher" (Higher Level Mix) BMG
134. Alice Deejay "Will I Ever" (E-Craig Club Remix) ISBA/DEP
135. Annick Gagnon "Groove Thing" (Bronchitis Mix) Boardwalk
136. Milk & Sugar "Higher & Higher" Popular/EMI
137. Sasha:Emerson "Scorchio" (Full Version) Arista/BMG
138. The Love Bite "Take Your Time" (Extended Mix) Popular
139. Good Players feat. David Kameron "What's Love" (Love In The House) D-Noy/DEP
140. Warp Brothers vs. Aquagen "Phatt Bass" (Phatt Mix) Universal
141. Ian Pooley feat. Rosanna & Zelia "Coracao Tambor"  V2/BMG
142. Sound of Soul "The Spiritual Groove" (Hard Steppin' Dub) Nite Grooves
143. Janet Jackson "Doesn't Really Matter" (Jonathan Peter's Club Mix) Universal
144. Mighty High "Good Times" SPG/Universal
145. Jammin "Distraction" (The Stanton Session) Bingo Beats
146. Versions Excursions Present "The Phantom" (Layo & Bushwacka! Mix) 10 Kilo
147. Sandy Rivera presents LT Brown "Come Into My Room" (EBTG vs Soul Vision - Tracey in My Room) Deep Vision Records
148. Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" (Hoax Remix Edit) BMG
149. Alex Gopher "The Child" (Kenny Dope Main Mix) BMG
150. Ian Pooley "900 Degrees"  V2/BMG
151. Porn Kings "Sledger" (Extended) Universal
152. Jennifer Lopez "I'm Real" (DMD Strong Mix) Sony
153. Daft Punk "One More Time" (Club Mix) Virgin/EMI
154. Oris Jay presents Delsena "Trippin" (Agent Sumo Mix) Gusto
155. Jamiroquai "You Give Me Something" (Full Intention Mix) Sony
156. Scott Free vs. DJ Wax "I Don't Know" Disktrick/DEP
157. DJ LaFleche "Da Bump" (Ba Dump Radio Edit) Districk/DEP
158. Araque vs. Pumpin' Dolls "Olvidalo Ya" (Mixshow Edit) Clubtools/edel
159. Re-Vox "X-tra Mousse" (Radio Edit) La Java/DEP
160. Thunderpuss "Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag" (Thunderpuss Mixshow Edit) BMG
161. Afrika Bambaataa "Planet Rock" (Litman & Cox Mix) BMG
162. Tenth Planet "Ghosts" (Trouser Enthusiast Remix) BMG
163. Dario G "Dream To Me" (Airscape Remix) Universal
164. Charlie Brown "Good Thing" (DJ Spoiled & Zigo Remix) Clubtools/edel
165. Ron Carroll presents The RC Groove Project "The Sermon" (Fafa Monteco Ghetto House Mix) Isba/DEP
166. ATB feat. Wild Strawberries "Let You Go" Popular/EMI
167. Dot Allison "Close Your Eyes" (Slam Pressure Funk Mix) Arista/BMG
168. Jennifer Lopez "Play" (Thunderpuss Club Mix) Sony
169. Beatchuggers feat. Eric Clapton "Forever Man" (Fletch 2 Da Core Mix) Flex/Popular/EMI
170. The Love Bite "Side By Side" Popular/EMI
171. Loving Paris "No Te Quiero" (Album Mix) Elliot/MRP
172. Axis "Arpeggio" (Noches de Fiesta) Clubtools/edel
173. The 909 Soldiers "Foam" Districk/DEP
174. Dido "Take My Hand" (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) Arista/BMG
175. Eddy Grant "Electric Avenue" (Tobago Mix) Ice/Warner
176. Maxwell "Lifetime" (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Extended Mix) Sony
177. DJ Shine "First Snow" (DJ Shine vs Teknostep) Nice + Smooth
178. Bini & Martini "Happiness" (Jeremy B Mix) Azuli/Mega
179. Kosheen "Hide U" (Decoder & Substance Green Remix) BMG
180. Aczess "Do What We Would" (Original 12") Sony
181. The Supermen Lovers feat. Mani Hoffman "Starlight" (Agent Sumo Remix) BMG
182. The Chemical Brothers "It Began In Afrika" Virgin/EMI
183. Gardeweg "Push" (Hard House Mix) SPG/Universal
184. New Order "Crystal" (Lee Coombs Remix) Warner
185. Blank & Jones "Beyond Time" (Darude vs. J 16 Remix) Gang Go Music/Edel
186. Mr Reds "Can You Feel It" (The Stanton Session) Dexit Records
187. Boris Dlugosch presents Roisin Murphy "Never Enough" (Chocolate Puma Remix) Universal
188. Stacey Pullen vs. Black Odyssey "Sweat" Black Flag Recordings
189. SAFRi DUO "PLAYED-A-LiVE (The Bongo Song)" (Nick Sentience Mix) Universal Music
190. Sasha:Emerson "Scorchio" (Sander Kleinenberg's Scorched Mix) BMG
191. Detroit Grand Pu Bahs "Sandwiches" (Krafty Kuts Toasted Mix) Zomba/BMG
192. Galleon "So I Begin" (Club Mix) Sony
193. Le Max "Boutique de Sexe" (Reno Safe Mixx) Haute Couture/Select
194. Cosmic Gate "Firewire" Popular/EMI
195. Basement Jaxx "Bongoloid" XL/Select
196. Wicked Phunker "Jungle Boogie" D-Noy/DEP
197. Reno Disco "Can't Go For Dat" Haute Couture/Select
198. David Chong "Trippin" (Radio Edit) La Java/DEP
199. Usher "U Got It Bad" (Tee's Dub) Arista/BMG
200. Green Velvet "Red Light" Cajual

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