Looking back?
Here are the Galaxie Dance 
Top 3 album picks of 2001

1.    Daniel Desnoyers (Various Artists) "SPIN VOL. 2" (D-Noy/DEP)
2.    Reno Disco "RARE TRACKS & REMIXES" (Haute Couture/Select)
3.    Chris Sheppard (Various Artists) "EUPHORIA" (Ariola/BMG)

(selection compiled in October 2001)

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Various Artists "Spin Volume 2" mixed by Daniel Desnoyers
D-Noy/DEP (DDN 2-1443)

Daniel Desnoyers returns with his sophomore selection of techno and house tracks strictly for clubbers. Those who enjoy Galaxie's night time programming from 10 pm to 6 am (week nights) and 9 pm to 5 am (weekends) should add this to their shopping list! This album pumps all the way, from the opening track "Get Up (It Doesn't Matter) Antoine Clamaran presents D-Place through "Jungle Boogie" Wicked Phunker,"Feel All Right" Bionik Blue and the infectious "Jump Like A Flea" Insecto to "Honey Ride This" Club Robbers, "Infinity" CJ Stone, "Plan of the Devil" Boombox and "That Style is My Style" Phasio.

(May 25, 2001)

If you already picked it up when it was released in April this year, try the new "Spin Volume 3" released in October (See Galaxie Dance Recommended Listening - Current Reviews)

Reno Disco "Rare Tracks & Remixes"
Haute Couture/Select (TEKCD110)

Montreal's Reno Disco gives their boutique label the perfect album to maintain the profile Haute Couture's name suggests. This is haute couture, high fashion Montreal house. Melodic, tuneful and uplifting house music delivered without any pretensions of being streetwise fashion and only in moments does it come near to being like the ready to wear tracks offered up elsewhere on DJ producers' records. Much of this album has been in heavy rotation on Galaxie Dance since its release and not just because it provides beautiful Canadian Content! Power tracks include the glorious "Girl Talk" and the uplifting "Faith" along with the cheeky "Can't Go For Dat" and the colourful "Petronella". A must have in any house fan's collection and an essential landmark in Canadian productions.

(March 31, 2001)

Various Artists "Euphoria" mixed by Chris Sheppard
Ariola/BMG (74321-86208-2)

Chris Sheppard returns to his roots with a cutting edge collection that comes closest in years to presenting the sound of Galaxie Dance from any Canadian label. From the opening cut by Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra "Touch Me", through Faithless "We Come 1", Native "Feel The Drums", Klubbheads "Big Bass Bomb", Beat Renegades "Wotz Da Number", Voodoo & Serano "Blood Is Pumpin", Warp Brothers vs. Aquagen "Phat Bass", Sound De-Zign "Happiness", Mandalay "Beautiful", Sasha:Emerson "Scorchio" to Novy vs. Eniac "Pumpin" this is an essential collection.

(August 14, 2001)

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