A Little About Tshangs Byin Tibetan Terriers


Our family loves animals of all varieties, and therefore, we have always had pets. So, having lost our Cocker Spaniel with whom we shared our home and hearts for 10 years, my husband felt that another dog would just not be appropriate.

As an only child, our 10-year-old daughter constantly wanted a pet, and one day, she decided that pet should be a cat. So off we went to the Humane Society where we found a six-month-old female calico cat named Patches. As a result of Patches' independent mind and persuasive touch, it was not long before we were headed back home with kitten in hand. Shortly thereafter, our daughter decided she wanted another calico cat since one cat was not enough. Again, off we went to the pet store to buy a kitten. With this little one, though, we discovered that my husband had an awful allergy to fur.

Therefore, it took 5 long years of constant persuasion for my husband to agree to have another dog. On my birthday that year, he finally gave in to me and we began to look for a dog whose coat would not shed, nor aggravate my husband's allergies. We found the Tibetan Terrier who would be the perfect size for our home and had an appearance that stole our hearts. For approximately six months, our name was part of a potential buyers list and on January 5, 1997 we picked up our little Nikki from a breeder in Ottawa. Although this little guy was to be just for me, Nikki decided that his best friend was Bob - my husband; the little boy inside the man. It's fun to watch them with their unlimited devotion for each other. Nikki is not just a dog to him; he's his friend and constant companion who never leaves his side.

So again, there I was looking for a dog to call my own when, in January of 2000, we decided to get Boots.

Just for me… Or so I thought…

Boots decided she too wanted to be a part of Bob's gang. And with this, she only comes to me when it's time to eat or sleep, but that's ok. Mom is there for all of them when they need me and being needed is a great thing, whether by Husband, Daughter, cats, dogs or fish.

Tshangs Byin Tibetan Terriers