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How does a typical year in the life of this filmmaker unfold? Take the year 1986 for example. The directing and producing of ALLER-RETOUR, a short animated film, is followed by LE TAPIS DE GRAND-PRÉ, a fantasy drama film for children, for which he was the director of photography. This production received the Award of Excellence at the Nova Scotia Atlantic Film and Video Festival. The film, LA LEÇON DES TROIS VOLEURS, a co-production which he directs and shoots in Gambia, West Africa, is rewarded the following year at the Prix Gémeaux (Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards) with a nomination for the Best Show / Series for Youth.

Next, he directs and shoots THE MOON DOG, his fourth film shot in Louisiana, and co-produced with the Louisiana Public Broadcasting Service, an affiliate of the PBS network.

Finally, for the documentary CANADIAN AGRICULTURE ON THE GO, a prestigious film for the Federal Government, he receives, as director and cinematographer, the Gold Plaque Award at the Chicago International Film Festival as well as an honourable mention at the 35th Columbus International Film Festival.

In 1987-1988, Bruno Carrière directs, co-writes and is director of photography for the pilot, as well as for five episodes, of the televised series TRAQUENARDS. This dramatic series for teens is the result of a co-production involving Via le Monde, the Société Radio-Canada and France 3 television. The third edition of the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television recognises the excellence of his work in this series by nominating him for various awards, in 1988; two nominations for Best Direction of a drama or comedy show / series, and a third for Best Cinematography in a drama or comedy show / series. Still in 1988, he writes, directs and produces two animated shorts for his own company, CHOREOGRAPHY and KITES, as well as two 15-minute documentary videos for Environment Canada, THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER : LIVING HERITAGE. He is then director of video photography for two documentary series shot in studio and co-produced by Via le Monde, FRANCE 3, M6, Gamma Télé and Les Films du Sabre : L’INCROYABLE MONDE DES SERVICES SECRETS (6X52’) and DESTINATION SANTÉ (10X52’).

In 1989, he directs two 30-second commercials, ELIMINATING RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, sponsored by the Federal Government. Next, he directs À LA VIE! À L’AMOUR!, a 52-minute drama made for television, co-produced with Société Radio-Canada, and follows this up with a half-hour docu-drama for teenagers: LE SIDA, IL FAUT QUE JE T’EN PARLE, produced by Atlantis Films of Toronto for Health Canada. The two productions were broadcast on Radio-Canada as part of the Les Beaux Dimanches (Sunday night prime time showcase). The following year, both were nominated at the Prix Gémeaux; the first (Le Sida) for Best Screenplay, and the second (À la vie) in the category of Best Show / Series for Youth.

From 1989 to 1991, he directs 27 half-hour episodes of SUPER SANS PLOMB, a weekly prime time sitcom shot in bi-cam Super 16 and broadcast on Radio-Canada. During this period, he also writes, directs and shoots a 58 minute documentary entitled L’ART EST UN JEU and follows this up with the dramatic comedy ALICE AU PAYS DES MERGUEZ, a short 26-minute comedy produced in collaboration with Télé-Québec.

The year 1992 starts off with an actors’ training workshop entitled JEU POUR LA CAMÉRA, organized by Société Parlimage, where he directs a group of fourteen professional actors eager to improve their drama performance on the movie scene.

That same year, he spends 5 months in Paris, from May to September, where he directs fourteen episodes of the children’s series LES ENQUÊTES DE CHLOROPHYLLE. This co-production, where France is a major partner, features a large number of puppets as well as live animals. Inspired by the cartoon character Chlorophylle published by Dargaud, this series of fifty-two episodes is the result of a co-operation between Damned Productions (Paris), la Société Française de Production, France 3, Productions Espace Vert (Montreal) and Logos Distribution. In Canada, it is broadcasted on the Canal Famille.