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Bonjour à tous

Bienvenue sur mon site consacré aux Schtroumpfs!   J'adore échanger alors ne vous gênez pas pour me contacter.  Bonne visite!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Smurfs website!  I just love to trade so don't hesitate to contact me.  Have a pleasant visit!

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Prenez note que ce site est toujours renouvelé avec de nouvelles additions, donc prenez soin d'ajouter ce site dans vos favoris pour venir jeter un coup d'oeil rapidement sur les dernières nouveautés

Take note that this section will evolve constantly as I will be adding new items in the next weeks, so be sure to mark this page in your bookmarks so you can come back later to see what's new!

1st day online: April 10, 2003


For me this is the greatest site to meet other collectors with a super friendly forum where I can get all the latest infos on the hobby, and make some nice contacts.


A very nice collection with many pictures of all sorts of Smurfy stuff.  Great reference site!


I find this site very helpfull among other things for all the pictures of other smurfy stuff aside figures, playsets, and the regular stuff we see on other sites.  Very helpfull site if you collect about everything Smurf related.


If you want to buy Smurfs aside from Ebay,,, this might be a good place for you.


Another great site with many pictures including many variations of PVC figures.  Also a lot of info about other Smurfy stuff aside the regular PVC & Super Smurfs figures.  And last but not least a very friendly collector... Rachel!  Keep up the good work!