In the dark sub-artic winter, in the land of Dan McGrew,
Lives a questionable lady by the name of Sexy Sue;
She's a prostitute from Windsor, who came over from Detroit;
She's adept at easy virtue, and her actions are adroit.

Now the boys who live up yonder, are a rough and ready clan,
And they're tender with a woman, though they're brutal with a man;
And they're all agreed on one thing; which I'm passing on to you,
They're bewitched and they're bewildered, when it comes to Sexy Sue.

When the minors talk of children, there's some question which is whose;
But most everyone is certain that not one is Sexy Sue's;
We've had "chippies" in the Artic, who were mother to a few;
But there's never been a bastard in the life of Sexy Sue.

She's a smart lass is this Suzie; her profession is no "trade;"
She is far from being a "floozie;" she's a very proper maid;
She carges within reason, for the old as well as new;
And none gets special favours at the hand of Sexy Sue.

But, she's sent around a notice to the boys of sterling worth,
That she's had to add a surcharge for her service in the North;
For a prostitute is human, just the same as me and you;
And the higher cost of living has caught up with Sexy Sue.