Steve May's School

When Steve May left Feller in 1964, he set up his own school just down the road in St Blaise in an old house which looked like it was right out of "Wuthering Heights". It was a school for boys only. The prospectus outlines the type of school Mr. May wanted. It was in fact what some others on the Feller staff would have liked Feller to have become - an English boarding school. Not at all like Feller Principal John Gilmour's vision of a French-only Evangelical Baptist training school.

It is also possible that Steve saw the writing on the wall - that Feller was going to close soon - and was preparing a lifeboat for the boys who would have nowhere else to go.

1. The St Nicholas Prospectus Cover

2. Steve's Portrait of FHR on the back on the prospectus: "No Matter If It Rains Or Freezes, Let Me Protect You With A Plastic Jesus"

St. Nicholas

Memorial School, Red'd
Saint Blaise, Quebec
A Residential School for boys in grades IV to IX

The school is situated seven miles from St. Jean, Quebec, off route 9B, and one mile south of the village of St Blaise.

Religious Affiliation
The school, privately owned and operated, is open to boys of all religious denominations, regardless of race and colour.
Daily chapel services - compulsary for all pupils - are conducted by Staff members and students along Ecumenical lines. The school chaplain, (Anglican), conducts any and all Sacremental services held in the School building. Such services, compulsary for Anglical pupils, may be attended by boys of other denominations, if they so desire.
Ministers of all Faiths are most welcome visitors to the School, and boys are given every opportunity and encouragement to become fully participating members in their own Churches and Synagogues.
Anglican, Roman Catholic, United and Baptist Churches are all situated within a few miles of the School. Boys are permitted to participate in all special observances., Days of Obligation, Holy Days, etc., required by their Faith.
Boys of Hebrew parentage are at liberty to attend religious services in the Synagogues of Montreal on Saturday mornings.

Aims of the School
To train boys in communal living and learning.
To provide a well-rounded education in the academic, social, and religious spheres of activity.
To provide the maximum amount of individual attention and thereby reap the maximum amount of scholastic work and interest.
To teach boys to think and act for themselves.

Courses of study throughout the school completely cover the curriculum prescribed for each grade by the Department of Education for the Province of Quebec (Protestant). However, the School goes farther than that by requiring that all pupils study Latin, German, Spanish, Algebra and Geometry. An exception to this ruling is made in the cases of boys coming into Grades VIII and IX who have not had previous instruction in Latin and Modern Languages.
Classes are small and are conducted along tutorial lines to give each boy the maximum amount of individual attention.
A good reference library is maintained for purposes of research and individual reading.
Courses of Study at St. Nicholas are designed to present the regular grade curriculum both enlarged and elaborated in order that each boy may reach his potential for work and thought.

Entrance Requirements No boy is accepted into the School "sight unseen". Parents must bring the prospective pupil to the School for a personal interview with the Headmaster before acceptance can be confirmed.
During the first term in residence, boys are observed to ensure that they are physically capable of participating in all phases of school activity and too, that they are able to adjust to residential school life. If, in the opinion of the school authorities, the boy is not suited to boarding school routines and discipline, parents will be requested to withdraw him from the School. In such cases, fees are charged from the date of admission to the date of withdrawal only.
Following the first probationary term, one month's notice must be provided before a pupil is withdrawn. If this is not done, one month's fees will be charged.
Fees may be paid over to the School at the beginning of each term or, if preferred, in ten equal monthly installments.
Before any boy is accepted, parents must submit a certificate of physical and dental health in respect to the applicant.
Every boy must participate in all phases of School activity.
While at St. Nicholas Memorial School, boys must maintain short haircuts, Crew or Brushcuts preferred. Long, unruly and time-consuming hairstyles are not permitted. Haircuts may be obtained at the School, at home, or in St Jean.

Senior High School Students
At the present time, St. Nicholas Memorial School Reg'd has no facilities for the teaching of Senior High School students, (Grades X and XI).
Senior High School DStudents are accepted at St. Nicholas as boarders only - subject to the rules and regulations of the school - and are transported to St. John's High School, St. Jean Quebec, each day for their classes. Each boy is provided with a lunch, and extras - such as milk and soup - are available at the High School.
Cost of tuition at St. John's High School is included in the fees charged by the School.
Expulsion or suspension of pupils from St. John's High School will automatically result in expulsion or suspension from St. Nicholas School.
Roman Catholic students may be educated at St. Patrick's High School, St. Jean, or in one of the French Roman Catholic Schools. Arrangements for such tuition must be made with the Housemaster.