4) Mr. Steven May: After considerable discussion within the Board of Management, it was decided that the employees and members of the staff of Feller College should be informed that Mr. Steven May is not welcome on the school property. This action has caused considerable embarrassment to the Principal. It has been necessary for the Principal to reject certain overtures made by Mr. May in regard to 1) The advertisement in the year book and 2) attendance at certain activities of the College. When Mr. May was informed of the decision of the Board of Management by Mr. Gilmour, he wrote several letters to Mr. Racicot, the President of the Mission. It is unfortunate that this problem has arisen and that it has involved some of our leaders in a personal disagreement. The reasons for the action of the Board can only be transmitted by "word of mouth". We do not feel that it is wise to make any intimations in regard to this matter in print. It was with good and sufficient reason that the Board of Management felt that any further contact with Mr. May or the St Nicholas School would be unwise.