The strap

1. I was strapped once by Spence in his third floor room. He had his "Persuader" ready, a wide leather strap. He gave me three on each hand. It hurt like hell. My hands were red and sore for quite a while. I can't remember what it was for. Probably some prank we played on him in his class. I was never caned by Steve May - he preferred this method, on bare bottoms. He had a slim long wooden cane. But once when he strapped a whole floor - all the guys were standing outside his door waiting for their turn - they passed a jar of vaseline down the line and coated their hands with it. This was supposed to protect their hands. I never found out if he got wise to them.

2. I know something about that too. First year at Feller my teacher was Mrs. Hoare. My brother and I were in the same class. He was the "don't touch my sister" type. I don't remember why (maybe because of my gigling) one day Mrs. Hoare took off her bolero (little coat she wore that matched her dress) took off her glasses and took the strap. It wasn't too bad. She hit me on the leg with it. But My brother didn't like that and jumped up in front of the teacher with his fists up. lol I don't remember what happened to him. The next strapping session was more serious. :-))) It was from Mrs. Boivert. Seven times each hands. When I say each it was really given to each one at a time. She would hit one hand and wait a little before hitting the other hand.Must have been to make sure I got the whole sensation. lol That strapping was because of my clowning again. That was in M. Dozois's class. I was naughty mostly when we had Mrs. Walker as teacher. I didn't do much! I just gigled and then the others would gigle. I would end up in the hallway. M. Boivert or Mrs. Brouillette would pass by and see me there they didn't appreciate, I guess. So I ended getting the strap for a few little reasons.

3. There was a stretch in the early years there when I probably averaged a strapping once a week. After a while, I wised up to the fact that I had better find a way to make this ritual a little less painful. Either that or keep my mouth shut and stay out of trouble. I chose the first option. In time, I found that what worked best for me was to have thick skin and calises (spellcheck later) you know what I mean. I accomplished this on the monkey bars during recess. You know, back and forth many, many times. The level of efficiency of this method was directly related to who was doling out the hits. My most frequent adversary was Butch. For some reason he seemd to be the easiest to take. Mrs Butch, now that was another matter. She was the most efficient somehow. Mr Meldrums' style was also quite painful. The others were routine. Not what you would call rehabilitating as the records would prove. The reasons for these thrashings varied from insubordination to swearing, fighting, lying, caught running away etc. I think there was a rule to the effect that if you were strapped three times in the same year, you were expelled. Good plan except that in my case there was nowhere to expell me to, until the later years that is. Was it child abuse? No kidding. By today's standards, somebody would have done jail time. Especially in the cases when the strap would miss your hand and go half way up your arm. The marks left on your forearm were very telling. In the case of Mr Cram, it would be charitable to refer to some of the beatings he gave me, as assault. Well deserved mind you, but assault nonetheless. One memorable day, he managed to get me by the throat with both chubby hands, propped up against the wall about a foot off the ground. This was in the hallway just above the kitchen, outside room 101. Grade five I believe. Fortunately, my Dad came up from the kitchen and asked him to put me down once he had recognized who was being lynched. I remember what I did to get him so wound up, but I'll go into that another time, if you all are interested.

4. I have to say that when I was at school - they must have slowed down with the strap. I can remember about three girls getting the strap in 2 years. I'm sure Lucy was the one that did it. I rememeber Mrs. Hoare. I have to say your description of the event brought a smile to my face. She was teaching the younger kids when I was there. It sounds like the bigger kids were too much. I have often thought of her as we have the same shapely legs. Thank goodness for slacks. I never heard about all of the strappings on the boys side. I don't think they ever told me about it. I know that I would have remember that. That would most certainly have been child abuse. It certainly was alot less painful on our side.

5. Humour me while I try to share a more humourous true adventure with you. I'm not sure of the year but I believe I was in grade nine at the time. I don't know what it was about grade nine classes but it seems to me that every year grade nine had more than it's fair share of clowns and trouble makers on one hand and odd ball teachers on the other. Anyway, it was a fine day in early fall or spring that I found myself wandering the grounds near the boy's tennis courts with a buddy, looking for some entertainment while waiting for classes to resume at three o'clock. You know how little boys walk around aimlessly with their hands in their pockets, looking down at the ground, kicking the stones on the way. Well, sure enough we came across some fairly recently deposited dog poop. In an instant, my evil mind came up with the perfect scenario to use this miraculous find for the entertainment which had eluded us for too long. My immediate instinct was to carefully smear this mess on a doorknob somewhere. I soon spotted the door which leads into the boys side of the gym building aka Massey Hall. Great, I thought, but not on the outside of the door in plain daylight. On the inside of the door you will remember was a short stairway. Five or six stairs straight ahead, a small landing, then three or four stairs to the left was the door leading into the gym. Above the landing was the only source of light for this stairway as there was no window. This plan required complete darkness. Somehow, I was propped up to the light bulb for the purpose of unscrewing it so it could not be turned on by the unsuspecting victim who would be on his way outside. The doorknob on the inside of the door at the bottom of the staiway was promptly and carefully smeared as we giggled in disbelief of how clever we were. I'm not sure I remember who my accomplice was so I won't hazard a guess. All that was left to do now was find a place outside where we could observe the victim coming through the door with one hand smeared with the smelly mess. I think we chose the seesaws to sit on and wait. It didn't take very long before the door opened, a small man stood there staring at his hand, sniffed it, looked at it some more in complete silence. Finally realizing that it wasn't a dream or nightmare, he started jumping around, waving his arms, swearing in french completely out of control. My buddy and I on the other hand were rolling around, laughing so hard we cried. It was one of the funniest spectacles I had ever seen 'till then or since for that matter. It turned out that the victim was a little man by the name of Mr Perron. He was part of the general help staff. Sometimes in the kitchen or on the farm. I knew him well because we spent some time together working on the farm in the summer. He was always a very animated little guy, naturally funny but with a quick temper if something went wrong. After a few minutes, he started jumping and running down the road towards the front of the school, still swearing all the way and making no attempt to clean the mess on his hand. I wondered where he was headed. Sure enough, when he got to the front corner of the boys wing, he veered to the left straight for Butch's house. He ran up the path, up the stairs to Butch's front door and proceded to bang on the door with the fist of his clean hand. It took a few moments for Butch to appear, but he did, finally. My Buddy and I are still dying with pain from laughing as we move closer to the scene of his encounter with Butch. Mr Perron had difficulty finding the words to describe what had happened to him. I remember hearing "merde" several times and Butch finally got the jist of it as he looked down at his hysterical little friend. We couldn't hear what Butch told him but he eventually turned and made his way back to the school to calm down and clean up. Sure enough, as he was known to do, Butch invited the boys to remain seated after the chapel service the next morning. Once the girls had left the chapel, Butch stood up in front and attemted to describe the horrendous event of the previous afternoon. His description of the event was almost as funny as the event itself and I had to restrain myself from bursting. He concluded by inviting whoever was responsible to report to his office immediately after being dismissed from chapel. I don't remember if both my buddy and I owned up, but I know I did. We may have agreed that it wasn't necessary for both of us to get you know what. Did I get the strap? You guessed it. Did I deserve it? Right again.

6. Thought I would put in a little experience I had with Uncle Stevie's new toy... I do hear mention of the strap being used, and mention of Uncle Stevies use of a cane on bare bottoms, he probably enjoyed that as much as he enjoyed crotch rot inspection after the showers, or, his nightly prowls checking to see if we went to bed with or without underwear......Well, I guess this would be more for third main s Sex at Feller s board.. If I remember correctly it was in 1965,.Steve had acquired a New Toy...A nicely carved wooden paddle, with, a subtle drawing on it of a lad holding his burning buttocks...This new piece was always hanging in his Office so everyone could get a good look at it...He even had a nickname for it, cannot really remember what it was...... I do remember though, how did I get to meet with his new toy..... The teaching staff had their monthly get-together in the Massey-Hall Gym, as the night went on, a few of us decided to play a prank on the staff...This was in winter, we decided to slowly let some water flow down the Boy s Tube, which if you remember was unheated.....well, by the time the staff decided to come back to their quarters.... NO WAY... They had to come back to the Main Building by any other way they could find..... At roughly Midnight, Steve got the whole floor out in the hallway, facing the wall, we had to stay there until the culprits gave up, which we did at around one a.m...I do not remember who the other guys were, I do think, although not positive, Don Montgomery was in the lot...After some Butt warming, we finally got back into bed for a well deserved night s sleep.....whatever was left of it....

7. I was also only strapped once at Feller. By Spence. Three on each. Hurt like hell. I was in grade nine. We had organized a prank. No one stood up for him when he entered the classroom. He waited and cleared his throat so people would notice him. Everyone pretended to be writing in their workbooks. Then I entered. I was the bellringer so I had to ring the last single bell in main hall. Consequently I entered late. As I walked in everyone stood up. I said: As you were. All sat. I paid for humiliating Spence like that. But it was an amazing feat of organization. The boys and the girls pulled it off together. We were really tight in grade nine. So I guess it was worth it.

8. I remember the paddle that Steve had. As well as those crotch rot inspections. In the middle of the night? Wasn't that just a wee bit suspect? What was your first clue, Sherlock? Anyway he had a motto written on that paddle which caused him no end of merriment. It was a version of "Leave no stone unturned". And his version was "Leave no stern untoned". Get it? Being a naval man the stern metaphor was quite appropriate. And the toning of the sterns was apparently what he enjoyed.

9. I had a similar infliction, I enjoyed pranks. One comes to mind in the 6 grade when I put a snake in the teacher's desk. Boy was it funny at the time, but not a smart thing to do when the Housemaster was her husband. That was first introduction to the "strap". There were many others for various reasons. I always found that when you got strapped it was not undeserved. I also agree that Mrs Butch was the best inflictor of pain. How about a survey to see how many votes we get for the best "strapper" of the 50s and 60s. Mrs Butch is number one with me.( 52 - 57) I also remember being in a line up just outside the library on the second floor waiting to get what was coming to me. Well I don't remember exactly who was ahead of me in line, but Mr. Cram was on the issuing end of the strap and whoever it was ( Howard Chapman's name comes to mind) he pulled his hand away at the last second when the strap was coming down and Mr. Cram hit his own leg so hard that we were all dismissed. That is the only time I remember getting a freebee (thanks to whom ever is was). By the way Mike, I think the best hand covering was rosin, you know that stuff they us on a viloin bows. We used to borrow it from the music room. I don't know if it really helped, but the thought of taking a precaution seemed to lessen the pain.

10. Mrs. Butch for Best Biffer. By far she was the champ in my book, with her Hit, Wait, Hit routine.