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Well it's here at last. The much hyped Millennium. Lots of slimy businessmen tried to make a quick buck on it and did. Same as ever. But this time there was a new phenomenon. The Media appear to have decided to run a little experiment. To see if they could brainwash the masses into believing that it all started in 2000 rather than 2001. Their job was partially done already because through the centuries there have always been a few simpletons who thought that some round number like 1800 *must* mean something. They were right of course. It means it is the last year of the century. This time round though the media ignored or silenced all those who tried in vain to get the truth out. They wanted to see if they could impose their will on the people of earth. And mostly, they succeeded. It think it is apropriate that the New Millennium will likely be dominated by the media. Let's see though if there are enough intelligent, determined and justice loving people out there who will try and fight against the media. The time has come to bring the media behemoth back under control.

Oh, one last point. In case you, the reader, still believe the 3rd Millennium and 21st Century began Jan. 1, 2000 then I'd like you to do one simple thing: Prove it to me. Send me email (link on the TOC page) if you can prove your belief logically or mathematically. If not, well then you are entitled to your opinion. Just like the UFO fanatics or the folks who think they've seen Bigfoot.

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