Online therapy, Ontario licence--relationships, sexuality, etc.

at home or in the office by video or instant messaging
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Beth Mares Registered Psychotherapist, 30 years experience
Licence and insurance valid throughout English Canada

How to make an appointment for online therapy & technical details

Personal counselling and psychotherapy

Beth Mares Registered Psychotherapist provides online counselling for a range of issues. These include depression, relationships, sexual problems, affairs, pornography addiction and other internet addictions, other sexual addictions, other unwanted habits, low libido, lesbian bed death, assertiveness, self-esteem, stress management, insomnia, anxiety disorders, dual disorders, adult children of alcoholics issues (ACoA) such as codependency, divorce support, coming out issues, and the after-effects of an abusive or limiting childhood involving discrimination, restrictive religion, an abusive sibling, or other trauma.

Psychotherapy for depression
Online therapy for depression has been well researched, and has been found to be at least as effective as in-office therapy overall. Of course, what this means is that some depressed people do better with distance therapy, some do better in the office, and for the rest both methods are equally effective.

Relationship counselling in your home

Couple therapy can now be done online by webcam. Beth helps with communication, compatibility issues, fighting, family problems, parenting, long distance relationships, sexual dissatisfaction, sex addiction, lying, and trust. For more about marriage guidance see couples counselling.

Better privacy than Skype--PIPEDA compliant platform

Beth uses Vsee, a newer platform which was designed for professional uses such as medical consultations. It is thus compliant with laws and regulations designed to safeguard privacy, unlike Skype. Vsee is also easier to use.

Video therapy for disabled people; chat for the hard of hearing

Video counselling for long distance relationships

Too busy for therapy? Use your smart phone.

Online video counselling in Northern Ontario and across Canada

Beth does cybertherapy with residents of Canada except in provinces that have their own licensing, currently Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This includes those who are currently living in other countries. However most of her clients are in Ontario, including Northern Ontario centres such as Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, Timmins, Kenora, Elliot Lake, Temiskaming and Dryden.

As well as providing specialized services such as sex therapy, help for sex addiction and overcoming infidelity, internet counselling provides a level of privacy that is not otherwise available in a small town, or even in a small city in the case of well-known professionals and other public figures.

The internet makes the services of qualified psychotherapists and  couples counsellors available even in Northern Ontario’s smaller communities, including the following:
Atikokan Black River-Matheson, Blind River, Chapleau, Cochrane, Englehart, Espanola, Fort Frances, French River, Greenstone, Hearst, Iroquois Falls, Kapuskasing, Kirkland Lake, Manitouwadge, Marathon, Mattawa, Moosonee,  Nipigon, Manitoulin, Parry Sound, Red Lake, Sables-Spanish Rivers, Sioux Lookout, Wawa and West Nipissing.

What distance therapy is not good for

While internet or phone counselling can be very effective for the above issues and more, it is not suitable for someone who is unstable or for addressing psychiatric conditions such as severe depression, bipolar disorder, or a life-threatening eating disorder. However recent research has suggested that for mild or moderate depression distance counselling tends to be superior, because most depressed people, especially if they have other health issues, lack energy, and the drop-out rate for in-office psychotherapy for depression is high.

Canada: licensing for psychotherapists and counsellors
If you are choosing a mental health therapist that you do not know by reputation, your best protection is to choose someone who has malpractice insurance and belongs to a college. In Canada, that means being licensed by a provincial government. Beth's licence and insurance are valid for all of Canada. Licensed US therapists are licensed and insured in their own state, but usually not in other states, and not in Canada.


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