Psychotherapy & counselling--East Toronto Beaches or online

All are RPs (registered psychotherapists, Ontario). All have over 20 years experience, are clinical members of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, and have done in-depth personal therapy.

Upper Beaches or online

Therapist and marriage counsellor Beth Mares works in East Toronto near the Beach


Psychotherapist and marital therapist Beth Mares RP helps with relationships, parenting, family problems, break-ups, infidelity, sexual issues including sex addictions, communication, assertiveness, decision-making, self-esteem, depression, insomnia, anxiety, weight problems and stress. She works with adults 18+ at Main and Danforth in East York as well as online via Vsee (like Skype but with better privacy).

Beth is a secular, integrative therapist, determining the best evidence-based methods to pursue each client's goals as expeditiously as possible. While many of her clients have been able to reach their objectives in short term therapy (i.e., up to 20 sessions) Beth believes that success comes soonest when one moves at the pace that feels right.


Psychotherapist, marriage counsellor and Registered Nurse

Sharon Earle-Meadows RN, RP, Integral Psychotherapist
The Beaches, Toronto, 416-691-1355. (Queen/Victoria Park)

Sharon helps with marriage, parenting, family relationships, friendships, sexuality, the mind-body connexion, ACA and other family or origin issues, stress, depression, decision-making, assertiveness, and coping with illness. Sharon serves the Beaches, East York, Danforth and South Scarborough. She also does online counselling and therapy by video (like Skype).

Danforth, East York

Danforth, Toronto psychotherapist and family counsellor Gwen Shandroski works with adults and children

Psychotherapy with adults, children and couples
Gwen Shandroski RP
8 Bertmount Avenue, Toronto, ON M4M 2X9 ( Pape/ Queen Street East) (416) 406-1710

Gwen works with children, teens, adults, couples and family dyads (such as a mother and teenager). Besides the usual issues such as relationships, anxiety and depression, Gwen works with parent training, dyadic developmental psychotherapy (a way of working with parents using the knowledge of attachment theory), Intersubjective & Relational Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. She is a former president of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. Gwen serves central Toronto, East York and Danforth

Scarborough Beaches

Scarborough, Ontario psychotherapist Nancy Christie

Mindfulness psychotherapist Nancy Christie RP.

South Scarborough, 416.691.3768

Nancy is a body-oriented individual therapist. Her main focus is on helping clients to overcome trauma and other bad experiences and to develop a sense of wellbeing. She says:

"I love helping people land into a deep sense of peace, safety and comfort in their own skin when this may not have been possible for years." Nancy serves the Beaches and South/West Scarborough.


How registered psychotherapists can help, in person or online

Psychotherapists may use cognitive therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) short term dynamic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Relational and client-centred therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, mindfulness, psychoeducation, family systems, and other evidence-based methods as required. They can do both long term and short term therapy.

They help with marital and relationship issues such as infidelity, sexual addictions, pornograhy addiction, low sexual desire, sexless marriage, and other issues involving how the individual deals with sex or how the couple relates around it. They are LGBTQ positive. Many are trained in working with adult children of alcoholics and with clients working to shake the after-effects of a controlling religion.

Psychotherapists who are marriage counsellors help with sexual dysfunctions and marital therapy for improving communication and the couple's ability to deal with conflict. They also offers support for separation and divorce, both at a practical level and an emotional level; in-depth help for ending sex addiction (not just being "in recovery"), psychotherapy for unwanted sexual habit problems and various causes of cheating, out of control use of cybersex and pornography, differences the couple may have about what constitutes infidelity in a relationship, suspicions that the partner has committed adultery or otherwise been unfaithful; building and maintaining intimacy in a relationship, preparing for or enhancing a life partnership through personal growth. The psychotherapists listed here are available on the Danforth in East Toronto, in the Beaches, and in the South Scarborough beaches. Some also work via internet through videocounselling or chat (instant messaging).

More topics:

midlife crisis

personal problems



communication and resolving conflicts

bereavement and grief

clinical depression, mild depression, dysthymia

weight loss and weight management, eating disorders

boredom or malaise

habit problems including drinking problems that are not debilitating enough to require intensive treatment at a facility such as Bellwood

anxiety disorders, GAD (general anxiety disorder), panic attacks (panic disorder), and phobias

work stress

codependency, ACA (adult children of alcoholics) issues, and other family of origin issues

overcoming trauma and post traumatic stress disorder

help with parenting

stress management

anger management




weight problems and eating disorders

personality disorders

treatment for habit problems, sexual habit problems

other sexual problems

personal growth and exploration, clarifying values, and the meaning of life

goal-setting and accomplishing goals

coping with difficult people

long distance relationships


Individual counselling service and mental health treatment, East Toronto Beaches, East York and Scarborough

Helping with:

panic attacks or panic disorder

Cognitive behaviour (or cognitive behavior) therapy for an anxiety disorder, a habit problem, sexual problem, sex addiction (sexual addiction or sexual obsession or sexual habit problem) a drinking problem, or anger management

Assertiveness training, goal-setting and follow-up, and maintaining gains

Mental health counseling in Toronto or via internet for co-dependency and ACA (adult children of alcoholics) issues, and other childhood trauma and developmental problems caused by physical, sexual or verbal abuse inside or outside the home, bullying, racism, bigotry, homophobia, health and medical problems, religious fanaticism or other obsessions interfering with the parents' ability to parent, improperly treated learning disability, unique learning style, or exceptional academic ability.

Help for after-effects of a high level of conflict in childhood--between parents, among siblings, between parental and peer group values etc.--resulting in confusion, anxiety etc.

Facilitation for discovering and becoming oneself; finding direction, goals, values; figuring out conflicting values

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