This is my brother Ron's St Regis. As you can see he spared no expense when he had it restored. It is one of the nicest you or I may ever see.

I did the 331 Hemi for him. It is .060" overbore with a hardchromed crank. The cam was custom made to my specs by Canadian Chrome Crankshaft in TO. The carb is a Carter AFB of 750 cfm on a reworked stock manifold. In typical Ron fashion he trimmed it out in fine style.

Although it was a dull day outside when I took this picture as you can see the interior is as good as it was in 55 if not better.

Even the trunk received the full treatment. No cheap painted spare for Ron. Genuine wire wheel and the proper tire to match was his choice.

It doesn't matter how close you get it still looks good. These wheels are nice!

The rear is nice too, right down to the stainless duals with the oval tips. Ron had a 54 Chrysler when he was a teenager but had neither the gold nor the facilities to redo it then. It is long gone but I think he always missed it somehow. I think that little problem is probably all healed over now!
When not cruising in his Chrysler, Ron can be found Cruising the Rideau River in his Classic Greavette Mahogany Launch, Chrysler powered, of course, with a healthy old 318 poly with full chrome trim and a factory 4bbl.