AND DULMADGE
There are people all over the world who are descendants of the Dolmetsch Family of Germany and there are many Dolmetsch people still living in Germany. There is a large amount of family history available with books such as "To Their Heirs Forever" which traces the family branch that left Germany for Ireland in 1709 eventually going to New York and then Canada. In Canada they settled in Prince Edward County Ontario . If you take a map of Canada and find Lake Ontario (most eastern of the Great Lakes) you will see a large piece of land jutting out in the lake about the centre of the north shore. That is Prince Edward County which is where I live. We spell our name Dulmage as that is what it was changed to when the family lived in Ireland. English speaking people seem to find it impossible to pronounce Dolmetsch as I have found out so I am sure that is why they spelled it phonetically. Even with that change we still get "dull-maaaaa-je" instead of "dulm-age" so I often wish they had left it unchanged. The first settlers in Ireland changed it to Dolmage but by the time their children came along they used Dulmage and so it has been ever since. Occasionally we see Dulmadge but research has proven that that was a mis-spelling that occurred in attendance records in a school in Prince Edward County in the mid 1800s. It would appear that a senior student did the attendance and just wrote it down wrong. All of the students that were listed by that spelling were born and were buried under the Dulmage name and since many are my very own ancestors I can say with some assurance that this is so. There are a couple of exceptions but if you trace your ancestors back to Johan Adam Dolmetsch who brought the branch of the family from Germany in 1709 to Ireland then you are on shaky ground . Even all the tombstones I can find here in Prince Edward County say Dulmage (pictures available if need be)
Another branch settled about the exact same time in the Johnstown/Prescott area of Ontario Canada which is on the St. Lawrence River bit west of the Quebec border. In Ireland there still are Delmages although they are from Johan Adam Dolmetsch as well. In Germany there are Dolmetsches and a few with the Dollmetsch spelling. I believe that is the same family as records I have say the Konrad Dolmetsch 's (also our ancestor in the 1500s) two youngest children were often listed with their names spelled that way. There may be more that I don't know about. I am just beginning to learn about our German relatives. If you have any interest or information please contact me. If you are more comfortable to write in German rather than English please do so as I will be OK with that. I can also read French but any language is fine as it is not a problem to translate it. Please do not hold back for that reason. This is a very small family world wide and so it very probable we are all from the same people. We need to keep in contact with each other.
Don Karl Dulmage

      Castle Matrix in Ireland which was home to some of our family. My youngest brother G Rae Dulmage took this picture in about 1972 and he and my Dad met Hugh Delmage who just a short time befire had sold the property to a Col Driscol from the US. Hugh had a daughter Caroline and a wife. Their business was training horses. Col Driscol gave Rae a piece of stucco or plaster from his building which he has to this day. G Rae was the first of my immediate family to do real serious research.
Wilkommen, Das ist die Burg Matrix das ist in Ireland von der Familie Dolmetsch. Mien junge Bruder G Rae ist dei Photgrapharien.

Don Dulmage bei Alzey Kirche in Mai 2000. Don Dulmage at the Alzey Church in Germany. Johan Adam Dolmetsch's family records are in the churches at Alzey and Freimersheim. I shall never forget this day!

                                               TOWN HALL IN LEONBERG GERMANY
                           STADTHAUS IN LEONBERG DEUTSCHLAND
                                                        IN JAHRE 1485 YEAR
                             DER BURGERMEISTER/THE MAYOR
                                   SEIN HEINRICH DOLMETSCH
photographarien Michele Solimando(von der Familie Dolmetsch)