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    MY V10 RAM 2500 2WD
              " BERTHA"
It was the end of July and my friend Glenn Cole had just gotten his long awaited Viper. I had gone up to see it and we were discussing the rumours of a V10 truck. I had tried to find out about them from several dealers but no one seemed to know anything about them. I knew I would never part with the gold for a Viper but a truck seemed more affordable. At my wifes urging I went to the dealer that had recently helped sponsor my race car and tried one more time. The manager said he knew nothing about them but if I laid down some gold he would put in an order and see what happened. I said OK so we set about making up the order as best we could and I laid down a deposit. The next morning he called to confirm the order. The truck would be built on the 25th of the following January. I said OK and the long wait began. To make a long story short I never got it until the 25th of March and then only after promising Chrysler Canada in a special dealer to factory phone call that I would not cancel the order regardless of how long it took to get here. Well it was worth the wait. The power is unbelievable and I have turned 15.87 ET in the quarter mile at 86mph. The gas mileage is great with 20.6 being the norm for highway cruising within the speed limit. Now almost 5 years later there are no problems no vibrations and absolutely no wind whistles. If only they could build a car like that! The real surprise was the order tag under the hood. The number ends with these numerals" 001!" According to the rep that phoned me it was the first paid order for a V10 Ram.
I welcome any questions on the V10 trucks.
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Here we are at Luskville Dragway in Quebec smoking the butt off of an SS454 Chevy. He challenged me to a race as he had beaten every truck that came that track so far. As you can see although we are not at the 1/8 mile cone yet the Big Dodge is already slightly ahead. It was over a car length at the 1/8 and I beat him by a full 1.7 seconds in the quarter. The time slip read 15.86 at 87 mph. The truck was about 3 months old at the time. To his credit the gentlemen in the big Chevy was graceful in defeat and acknowledged my win over the PA a couple of weeks later while guest announcing at another track. Out of respect for his decency I will not mention his name but if you have been there-- you know!