BIG-D             WHERE I SHOP
Over the years I have bought a lot of parts. Some people have treated me well and all listed here are people whose parts have been well worth the effort spent to deal with them. I have found the best rarely costs anymore than the crap that doesn't work. It is just sorting it out that takes the time. I have tried to save you that trouble by this page.

There is for me no acceptable substitute. Frank Lupo of Dynamic chopped more than 4 tenths off of our ET on the Charger and 7 tenths off of Bob Gauleys T bucket. This was over other racing converters we were using (not just stock stuff) RPM on both cars came down about 500rpm while mph rose. Now that to me is a real good converter. Why anyone would not want one of those is beyond me! They cost no more than the ones that don't work so well so why not?

Good Parts (Can get you almost anything) Excellant Prices and Good Service. I buy from these folks almost exclusuvely now when it comes to engine parts. As a tradesmen in two automotive fields I can buy wholesale locally but these guys "Bury" the competition!

RACER BROWN CAMS in Baltimore Maryland
Jim Dowel who runs the company knows an awful lot about custom grinding cams for big block Mopars. When I recommend his cams to someone but they go elsewhere my heart just sinks. It is so hard to make others understand that when we say this is the best we have found through testing we really mean it and we are not just talking about a "couple of three" horsepower or a few foot pounds of torque. We are talking about the difference between building a "KILLER" or a "stone" If you call Jim, make it between 7 and 9 in the evening and tell him "Dulmage"(Dulm-age) says  "HI"