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Welcome to my station web page. I have been interested in radios since I was but a child. I guess that is because of my Dad who is an Electronic Engineer. During the war he taught radio at No 1 Wireless School for the RCAF. He then got his Engineering degree and worked on many unusual projects. He worked at Collins on the Avro Arrow radios as well as the Voodoo Radios as a design engineer. I caught the Radio Bug from him. I tried for several years when I was in high school to master the code but I could never really get . Probably that is because I was always trying to justify why we didn't need it. Finally in 1980 I buckled down and learned it in 3 weeks. I got my Amateur Certificate and a year later I qualified for my Advanced. I am most active in the winter months and usually on 20 metres. My present location does not lend its self to good DX but that will change soon I hope. My first call was VE3LYU and that was great until I met up with another VE3LYU on the air. They then changed my call to VE3LYX and so it has been ever since.
My passion are old tube type designs and if left to my own devices I would probably run a one tube transmitter with a one tube regen set for a receiver however I would not be too popular. I also have a passion for crystal sets and usually have at least one around at any given time. I love old military sets with my favourite being an No11 Wireless Set tank radio like the one I had in the 60s. I have a good linear but I don't use it (if you need one this one hasn't been used a dozen times(Viewstar). I like home brewing simple stuff and once made a device that would copy CW filter it and clip it so that unreadable signals could be recreated with an audio oscillator perfectly. Despite my limited ability i got it to work very well and could reproduce perfect CW from signals that were impossible to read. The only problem was that code seems funny when there is no background noise. I think I needed some white noise at a low level to make it more realistic. It was spooky listening to the oscillator pounding out a perfect signal with no background noise.

Rig is a Kenwood TS830S  Current Antenna is a long wire.