SCRIBE               BIG-D
                                                             FIRST PRESS
I always enjoyed automotive magazines. Some of the people I read really impressed me athough I never thought about writing myself. Way back in 73 I wrote a letter to the editor of Popular Hot Rodding during their Project Road Runner series. I figured they would just trash it but to my surprise it showed up in the Aug 74 issue. I thought nothing much about it and didn't even save the magazine. Recently I wanted to have a copy for my scrap book. Doug Baker of the 62 to 65 Mopar Mailing List      "" found me a copy and sent it to me.

                                                            SECOND WIND
As a contracted instructor I was asked to write a piece on a course I had set up for the local community college. Much to my surprise they printed it untouched. I then answered an open letter written in Chrysler Power mag .Again, to my surprise, they made a three page article out of it. Roland Osborne, who published the magazine encouraged me to write more. I next wrote the article for him called the "$1500 Econo Big Block" in the July 97 isssue. Immediately we began getting letters and phone calls from all over North America.
I submitted an article on the very successful engine we had built for our 74 Charger race car. He called the piece "Old Reliable" and it was a hit. Letters and phone calls came in from all over the place and still do on a weekly basis from that particular article. Many have been able to duplicate the engine exactly and have achieved excellant results. Mark Merril  of Portland Maine and Marty Alhgrim of Pomona are were two of the first to try it. I have enjoyed talking to them and count them both as friends. I then wrote a series of companion articles dealing with the ignition, carb and chassis aspects of the same car. They were printed over the space of a year or so and got excellant support from the readers. I also wrote a few articles for their sister magazine "Christian Motorsports"

                                                 THE OLD RELIABLE BOOK
Something Roland Osborne said to me once encouraged me to combine all the Old Reliable series into a book. I got his permission to use the photos from his files that we had used in the magazine and had the book printed. It has been selling well. It is a thrill to see others obtain racing success from that piece. Last January I recieved a request to take some to Big Daddy's Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala Fla. If you want one and live near there, then that is your best source. We have sold them as far north as The Northwest Territories of Canada, As far east as the Netherlands(Holland) as well as to almost every State in the Continental USA. I have met a lot of neat people through the book that I would never have met otherwise.

                                                        NEWSPAPER DAYS
___________________ ______________________
When Chrysler Power shut down and Roland retired I had to find another outlet for my pen. I submitted an article to our local weekly newspaper which is called the Prince Edward Free Press. The publisher Glen Tooze printed the article and asked if I would do one every week. I said I would try and so have been doing it for about 2 years. It has been a lot of fun. The column is called "The View From The Ridge" and could be about just about anything.

                                        THE CANADIAN EXPERIENCE
________________ _____________________
While promoting my book "OLD RELIABLE" on the internet I ran into Dale Lidstone who does the "Canadian Classics" magazine. He asked if I would do some articles for them and I have now done quite a few. It has been an enjoyable experience and I hope it continues.

                                                          NEW PROJECTS
I have, over the past few years, been working on a book called, "The Wrench". It is about my 35 years in the automotive trade. It gives an inside look into the day-to-day lives of the people who work in the trade and recounts many of the humorous moments we experience. It takes one where no one has gone before, on the inside of the automotive shops. It is not yet finished but a fairly substantial amount is done. If it gets printed it will be because someone gave me a lot of gold for it. Too much sweat and experience has gone into it to do it just for fun. We also have a few articles written on the machine shop side of things in an attempt to help the mechanic and /or racer understand exactly what happens and why when their parts go to be reconditioned. I have often felt this is a most misunderstood area. We intend to find someone to publish them soon. Thanks, to all who have read my stuff and to those who have encouraged me.
Don Dulmage