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I want you to look into the throbbing circles to the left ... deeper, deeper, that's it ... you're getting sleepy ... you can hardly keep your eyes open. Now, listen carefully. You will no longer use fancy words and lengthy phrases like "utilize" and "in order to". You will replace them with simpler, shorter ones. Have you planted this suggestion deep into the vortex of your cortex? Good. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up and follow my instructions for the rest of your life. C'mon now, wake up. Wake up, darn it! O geez, what the heck have I done. I'm getting out of here!


Remember the advice of some famous people:

"Brevity is the soul of wit." - W. Shakespeare

"Be brief." - G. Grabbers

OK, I admit it, sometimes big words and long phrases impress the heck out of your boss or your friends. On rare occasions, throw in a "synergism" here and a "paradigm" there, but (why is there always a 'but'?!), remember, you can easily seed your writing with "weeds" and start to sound pretentious. (I speak from experience.) So when your garden of words (that's garden of words, Bill, not garden of woods) becomes overgrown, try pruning some of your flowery language.

"Gee, Bill, how did you manage not to mix your metaphors?"

"It just shows what a good editor can do for you. "

Here are examples of pretentious words or phrases and their simple counterparts:
Instead of: in connection with Use: about Instead of: be in a position to Use: be able to
Instead of: as a result of Use: because of Instead of: in the event that Use: if
Instead of: for the reason that Use: because Instead of: make a decision Use: decide
Instead of: due to the fact that Use: since Instead of: in order to Use: to
Instead of: in the month of May Use: in May Instead of: by means of Use: by
Instead of: it is our understanding Use: we know Instead of: with respect to Use: about
Instead of: in view of the fact that Use: since Instead of: for the purpose of Use: for
Instead of: at this point in time Use: now Instead of: held a meeting Use: met
Instead of: during the time that Use: while / when Instead of: utilize Use: use
(Use "use", Bill???)

Do these examples convey my meaning? (Instead Use: Get the picture? Enough already, Bill, you're really skating on thin ice here!)

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