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Do you break out in a cold sweat when you're asked to write an important document? Do little beads of perspiration form on your brow when you're assigned to prepare a report? Good writing often is a case of remembering a lot of important little things and not just observing the basic rules. Develop a keen
eye for the kind of hard-to-see pitfalls described in this Page and you'll soon find good writing requires less of the intense concentration it demands of you now.

I don't mean to be intransigent about intransitive verbs
and all those other nifty, grammatical terms, but it was never
my intention to make "Grammar Grabbers" anymore top-heavy
than it is by including a Glossary. On the other hand,
I don't want to leave you subordinating your conjunctions,
so allow me to refer you to the following Glossary link at the web site. When you're finished, please do
come back to the further Adventures of Captain Grammar.
(No, wait, that was the web site name I threw out.)

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