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Be Gender Neutral

. . . No, make that . . . . . . Oh, the heck with it!

It's not acceptable to many people for one gender to be singled out if you are speaking in general terms, e.g., "everyone has his own opinions". Using "s/he" and especially "his / her" can be awkward. Here are some ways to work around this problem:

Get Your Message Across

It's so easy to fall into the trap of clearly knowing what you want to communicate, but then unintentionally writing something that confuses your reader. Here are are some examples of unintended confusion:

You Have To "Proof" It To Me

Typos and other errors in a report or published document can destroy the credibility of otherwise perfect text. Sometimes these oversights change entire meanings, with disastrous consequences. Typos are pesky little devils. But don't worry. If you don't spot them before you "go to press", there's always someone nice enough to point out your errors.

Here are some techniques to increase your proofreading efficiency:

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