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Here's a new, digital photo of me. The
aggravation of trying to convince people
to use proper grammar has turned me
grey (it's not old age, OK!).


Of course, this page isn't complete without a résumé-incorrect, "cutesy" video
of my two "little ones": Asta, a female Jack Russell terrier who's smarter than I am, and Caleb,
a Miniature Schnauzer who aspires to be as bright as a 25-watt light bulb. Move, guys! It's a video."



November 2002. Began volunteering as a trained and certified Literacy Tutor in Durham Region (Ontario), by 2003 in both classroom and one-to-one individual student settings.

March 1997 - present. Freelance / contract writer-editor serving a wide variety of businesses (and offering modem transfer capabilities).

November 1984 - February 1997, Toronto-Dominion Bank, as Publications Officer and Editorial Analyst.

  • Reviewed, wrote and edited various internal and public documents, including circulars and
    marketing information;
  • Edited documents from client departments for grammar, clarity and organization;
  • Researched and prepared procedures for new systems;
  • Quality-control analysis and management of branch manuals and supplementary material;
  • Prepared / edited reports for Award of Excellence publication.

A verbal or written reference can be obtained from the Toronto-Dominion Bank by contacting its Operations Division Human Resources Department.

April 1982 - November 1984. Freelanced as writer / editor for various corporations and business publications.

July 1978 - April 1982, Canadian Co-operative Credit Society, as Writer-Editor and Communications Officer.

  • Wrote and co-ordinated production of Annual Reports / Financial Summaries;
  • Wrote senior management speeches;
  • Prepared research papers and audio-visual scripts;
  • Co-developed publication policies;
  • Wrote media / press releases and weekly "Briefs" newsletter;
  • Wrote information booklets / folders;
  • Prepared conference support materials;
  • Edited management reports;
  • Wrote promotional letters.

June 1970 - March 1978, Prudential Insurance Company of Canada (since sold to London Life), as Staff Writer and Sales Promotion Specialist.

  • Developed, wrote and produced internal sales promotion campaigns;
  • Scripted and co-produced audio-visual shows;
  • Researched legal, business and other developments for promotional copy;
  • Wrote promotional letters for sales vice-presidents.

July 1969 - June 1970, temporary position with Ontario Dept. of Health branch.

  • Wrote technical literature;
  • Edited and up-dated articles;
  • Wrote news releases.

May 1967 - July 1969, Maclean-Hunter Ltd., as Assistant Editor of "Office Equipment & Methods" business publication (since restructured).

  • Researched and wrote articles on office management as well as electronic data processing;
  • Edited news / features pages;
  • Participated in editorial planning;
  • Co-ordinated layout and production (with Editor / advertising dept.);
  • Conducted surveys of trends / equipment for special reports;
  • Reported on trade shows.

May 1966 - August 1966, Honeywell Controls Ltd. (summer position prior to final year at Ryerson).

  • Provided editorial and production assistance for employee publication;
  • Wrote media articles.


  • Completed courses for Wang and Xerox desk-top publishing (1980 and 1987);
  • Successfully concluded training in DOS and Windows (1993) and WordPerfect for Windows (1994);
  • Self-trained in OS/2 and acquired detailed expertise in HTML writing and design, including the use of colours, backgrounds, tables, animated icons, images, sounds, etc. (beginning in 1995);
  • Developed Grammar Grabbers web site in 1996.


  • Served as special reporter and Campus Editor of "Daily Ryersonian" newspaper and as member of Communications Student Senate at Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now called Ryerson University);
  • Graduated from Ryerson's 3-year journalism course in 1967;
  • Received Business Journalism Certificate from Business Press Editors Association in 1968;
  • Awarded Bachelor of Applied Arts (Journalism) degree in 1973 when Ryerson gained degree-granting status;
  • Completed training as Literacy Volunteer in 2003.

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