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GG is back!!! Now for the "Yes!" victory salute. I lift my studly (not "Dudly") arm straight up in the air, my food-stained palm is facing me and my hand is making a fist that can double up a U.S. Marine (with laughter), then the elbow is pulled down to the waist with great force. Ouch! I think I cracked a rib.

The world's best, light-headed, ooops, I mean light-hearted guide to English grammar has returned to the Internet to repeat the tremendous success it experienced the first time. (Pay no attention to my pet chicken, Gladys, expressing her opinion on the matter.) Just like "Ahh-nold", I said: "Ahhl-be-bahhck" (even though nobody heard me). Oh yah! Just be grateful, I'm only acting to govern your writing, not acting and then being your governor.

Oh, by the way, all you nice people at your nice web sites who linked to mine, please update my "duke of" URL in your coding so your very kind link works properly. I'd ask you all myself, one by one, but I'm so lovable, there are just too many. Don't use any sharp objects; my ego bursts very easily.

OK, so where do I get off telling you how to write? Check out my exciting career details ( yawn ) in my Résumé Page. Want to see what I look like? (Don't shout . . . I just asked.) There's a photo in the Résumé Page and an even scarier one in the "Misused Words and Phrases" Page. Both of these Pages are in the links following my Mission Statement (ooooh, cool corporate term, Bill).

Spaced-Out Mission Statement

Boy, are you in for a treat! Writing made funny . . . er, I mean easy! Everyone finds writing difficult . . . whether it be a formal business document or just a letter to a friend.

Even professionals is sometimes capable of making mistakes. (Hmmm, I think there's something wrong with that sentence.) That's why I created this Web site. Not for the glory (thank you, thank you), but to offer an unselfish helping hand to my fellow Web travellers.

These Pages aren't intended for the writing-challenged. My intention is to help people faced with the scary task of putting words to paper -- or to terminal screen.

Throughout them you'll find writing tips and samples of text that could be phrased better. Why bother? Well, for one thing, it's a matter of credibility. Lose that and you could lose customers or a chance for career advancement.

Trust me. I can fix your writing and the procedure will be absolutely painless.

Voila! So there you have it. This is your big chance to impress your boss . . . and all of your friends with your new-found writing skills.

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Here's a large collection of slang and colloquial expressions,
some very offensive, currently used throughout Britain and the UK,
updated monthly with a sizeable links page and bibliography.

A Dictionary of Slang

Click here to reach some free and brave Maryland writers
in the land of the free and the home of the brave

The next link is modest in its appearance (and I know "modest"), but
nothing is small about this company's goal: success through plain English.

the Word Centre

InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship

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