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and reduce your costs

"Really! You want to reduce my cost?"

Definitely. In fact, I specialize in editing projects designed to reduce the client's costs. Why hire a writer to start a project from scratch and end up having to pay a huge fee? If you or anyone in your office has basic organizing and writing skills, start the project yourself. When you've taken it as far as you can, call me in. I'll fine-tune and edit your work for a modest fee. For example, instead of paying me for 30, 40 or 50 hours to do the entire project, use my editing skills only and possibly pay for as little as 3, 4 or 5 hours!

"What kinds of services do you provide?"

I can cost effectively put my services to work for you in many areas of expertise:

  • annual reports and financial summaries

  • management speeches

  • manuals and other compilations of procedures

  • articles and newsletters

  • media releases

  • circulars and other internal / external communication

  • marketing and information brochures

  • audio-visual scripts

  • conference support

  • and more.

aper-based or electronic delivery

I can work comfortably with clients who prefer to assign projects and receive the completed work on paper, or on CD-ROM, diskette, by modem transmission or a combination of these options. I can write directly to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the coding system of the World Wide Web, and also design Web Pages with just the right degree of intricacy, giving you the combination of attention-grabbing images and finely tuned text so essential to effective communication.

I also know how to use HTML-coded pages to create manuals your staff or your clients can view as if they were Pages on the Web. Now, instead of boring, unconnected Help screens and mind-boggling collections of information and procedures, you can have colorfully illustrated electronic documents with "clickable" indexes and references.

By keying in the same coded links that drive Pages on the Web, I can give your staff or customers the power to "zip" back and forth between a table of contents (or index) and any subject, as well as from subject to subject and topic to topic. In most cases, I can fit an entire brochure or manual with graphics on a single CD-ROM or diskette. This approach does require your staff or clients to have HTML display capabilities (using off-line browsers, the latest versions of word-processing software or HTML readers), but they do not need a modem or have to buy time from a service provider. If they do have a contract with a service provider, they can save money by viewing the manual off-line.

If you have a complicated product or service, here's your chance to make it easy for your clients with PCs to understand and use your products or services frequently. Put your clients closer to the cutting edge, but not close enough to get cut.

Naturally, I'm equipped with a modem and software for immediate transmission of files and projects; travel delays and time-consuming meetings are kept to a minimum . . . or eliminated entirely.

educe Costs? Yes!

I specialize in fine-tuning existing text for grammar, clarity (syntax) and punctuation to help you create and preserve the kind of first-class, professional appearances that impresses your customers. This is a great way to reduce the cost of my services! In fact, I accept assignments as brief as 90 minutes. Even when I'm working on lengthier assignments for you, I make sure you have opportunites to reduce my fee. Here's how it works:

ull Cost-Effectiveness

The client does all researching, resource gathering and outline preparation and prepares a first draft. I do a light, medium or heavy edit or, only if necessary, rewrite the draft. I actually recommend this service. You, as a client, save an enormous amount of money. I maximize my earnings by obtaining work from other clients, not by overbilling you. A discount is available for repeat business within 3 months, no matter how small the original project, making this service that much more attractive.


The client does all or most of the research and resource-gathering. I prepare the outline, as well as write and edit the text. The aforementioned repeat-business discount also applies here.

ull-Service Contract

I do all or most of the research and resource-gathering, prepare an outline where required and, of course, write and edit the text. Lengthy, full-service assignments can be made more cost-effective with a greater discount for contracted work . . . and you can contract an assignment with a senior person's signed letter on company letterhead confirming the project, as opposed to a formal, legal document.

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