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Are you interested in Antique Golf Clubs

A bit about the Hickory clubs we use and links to the GHSC collectors/sellers

Bob Nutley's Page

What is your old hickory shafted golf club worth? 
The value of your old golf club depends on a number of factors.
Rarity, condition, and collectibility effect prices.There is a number of books and web sites to educate the public on the values. The best source is an experienced collectors, such as GHSC member Bob Nutley.

Claude Gravel's Page
Pour recherche et avis sur des objets anciens reliés au golf et à son histoire (livres, cartes de pointages, affiches, trophées, balles et bâtons anciens etc...) 

For research and advice on golf antiques or golf history (old books,score cards, posters, trophies, balls and hickory shaft clubs, rules, etc...), 




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Last modified: November 30, 2008