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Hickory Hacker Tournaments

Tournaments are held twice a year, and judging from the interest, this event will continue to grow - adding new dimensions each year. Many players dress in period garb. Members can also bring their collectables to show and trade.

Quarterly Bulletin

To stimulate your involvement and to keep you in touch with your interests, the bulletin will pay particular attention to Canada's golf history, and members are encouraged to submit articles on any subject of interest.
Since members interests cover more than thirty subjects, including everything from collecting old clubs, golf books and memorabilia (just to mention a few), the bulletins will seek out interesting articles and photographs.
A membership directory is issued each year. It includes names, addresses, telephone numbers and collecting interests.

Annual General Meeting

To be held on the first Sunday in February at the Royal Canadian Golf Association Golf Hall of Fame, Glen Abbey, Oakville.
Buy - Sell - Trade - Browse.
Anyone can bring their treasures along. Tables will be provided to display your golf wonders. An Auction follows to wind up the day.

Seminars and Film Presentations

Guest speakers are available to talk on subjects whether it be collecting, book reviews, or Canadian Golf History. Since our membership is so broad and knowledgeable, research information is always available - usually just phone call away.

Membership Forms:
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