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Here you will find our family tree information which is a blend of Dutch & British Genealogy. It contains the lines of the average working class, some more affluent than others, no royalty or noble connection.



Please feel free to copy any information pertaining to your genealogical research, however it is strictly forbidden to use this information for commercial purposes or commercial sites.



I am conducting a “one name study” regarding the Gortworst family from Hoogeveen, and have managed to collect a fair amount of information regarding the descendents of this family. If you require information or wish to contribute to this unique study, please contact me in Dutch or English.


Marriages Amsterdam partial transcription:



huw_asd_1926_4D-4H new


If you have any information, corrections or questions regarding our family tree, please contact me.













Marriage Certificate of Joannes Henricus Dutscher and Elisabeth Schoon