Canadian 58th Battalion at Passchendaele

Troups carrying a wounded soldier

Carrying a wounded soldier.

The Canadian 58th Battalion at Passchendaele Projects

What are our projects?

Research and remember the Canadian 58th (Central Ontario) Battalion:

  1. By searching the online version of the Books of Remembrance, list the soldiers and officers in the CEF 58th Battalion who lost their lives overseas. Although we could also obtain the data from a Roll of Honour, we prefer to use the Books of Remembrance because the data is on the Internet and available to anyone with a computer. Also, we want to ensure that all the 58th Battalion men are listed in the Books.

  2. Document the contribution of the 58th Battalion to the battles near Passchendaele, Belgium in October 1917.

Known as the Third Battle of Ypres, the Canadian contribution to the battle began on Friday, October 26 and continued until the Canadians took Passchendaele on Friday November 6, 1917. The cost was 15,654 Canadian casualities.

How can you help?

These projects are on the Internet and people all over the world can analyze the data.

For the two projects:

  1. If you have an interest in researching and remembering, access to the Internet, and an hour to spare, see the 58th Members page for instructions. To help with this project, you simply need to read a page of the Canadian Book of Remembrance, list the names and rank of the 58th battalion members, and email the data to Benjamin Keevil.

  2. If anyone has detailed information on the troop movements, support mechanisms, books, or personal diaries of events at Passchendaele in October 26, 1917 that they are willing to share, please email the data to Benjamin Keevil. For an overview of the battle on October 26, see the Pilgrimage page.

Future data analysis

In the future, other Battalions at Passchendaele could be analyzed:

The exact date of death will be obtained from the National Archives in Ottawa. Then, using a database we will build a profile of the rank, name, battle, hometown, and age of the members of the battalions. Both the 58th and 20th Battalions are from the Central Ontario region in Canada.