How to Join the Friends of the Canadian 58th Battalion

Joining the Friends of the 58th Battalion

To apply for membership in our Friends of the 58th Battalion group:

There is no membership fee; however, you need an email address because our communications are by email. Then, after approval by the founding members your name and email address is added to our list.

Who are the Founding Friends?

The following four members, who all have relatives who served in the 58th, founded the Friends of the 58th group during a trip Back to the Front in September 2002. To confuse the nasty junk mail operators, the email address is changed.

Who are our Friends?

The following people have expressed interest in the 58th Battalion and joined the Friends:

  1. Allan Anderson aander*AT* - His Great Uncle, Lieutenant William Alexander Allen CEF 58th, was killed in action on April 18, 1917 by shell fire at Villiers-Au-Bois while on the Bosi-de-Bonval Road.
  2. April Wood Ashton ahashton*AT* - the Great Niece, living in England, of Pte Fred Wood (Reg No 452037), 58th Bn killed in action on September 17, 1916, just short of his 20th birthday.
  3. John Adebiyi - phatphreddie*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004)
  4. L. Hugh Bain - hugh_tammy*AT* - Hugh's great-uncle, Captain Charles Stuart Burrows, M.C. was born in Toronto, Ont., on August 15, 1894, enlisted in the CEF180th on Dec 16, 1915, and was attached to the 58th Battalion during the winter of 1916-1917. Wounded (gassed) on May 9, 1918, and again on August 8, 1918, he was killed in action October 1, 1918. His name appears on the bronze memorial in the entrance of Toronto's Old City Hall.
  5. Greg Ball - fiorgobas1*AT* - his Grandfather John Thomas McCarter (681487), served with the 58th and survived the war
  6. Darren Barsby - d.barsby*AT* - his maternal Great Grandfather, William Barsby 727650 joined the 58th in 1916 and reverted his rank to Private 7/11/1917 just 4 weeks after his son was born. He then transferred to France 10/11/1917 presumably joining the reinforcements of that month at Paschendaele. William's brother (Charles) also joined some months earlier. They were both child migrants (Home Children) in 1912 from the UK, probably by choice as their parents were quite wealthy and it was just a great adventure for them!
  7. Bill Bean - bbean137*AT* - Bill's great-uncle William Bean was a boy soldier who enlisted at 16 years old and died in action with the CEF 58th on June 29, 1917, at the age of 18 years, six months, having not achieved his "apparent age" at enlistment. His body was not recovered and he is memorialized at the Vimy Memorial.
  8. Ken Beecroft - allofus2*AT*, S. J. Snell of the 58th was Ken's maternal grandfather
  9. Greg Bell - wwbell*AT* - his Great Grandfather, Pte. Roderic William Pontefract (123093), enlisted on September 4, 1915 in Sarnia at the age of 21 with the 70th O.S. Then, in France he transferred to the CEF 58th Battalion. He was wounded at the Vimy Front but survived until his death on November 9, 1971.
  10. Carol Roberta (Pollock) Black - CelticHeart*AT* in USA - is researching a family member, Major Robert Pollock who was wounded and returned to Canada. Later, he reverted to Captain, returned to France and was killed in action on September 20, 1918.
  11. Barry Blackman - bear*AT* - has family members who served in the 58th
  12. Tanya Blundell - greg.tanya*AT* - relative in 58th (broken as of Feb 2006)
  13. Robert E. Bowd - bbowd*AT* in Newmarket, ON. - During the First World War his father, Ernest Bowd, served with the 58th Battalion. He returned from the war with invisible shell shock injuries that tormented him all of his life. His father never spoke about his war experiences beyond the fact that he had been in the war.
  14. Peter Boyle - peter*AT* - Peter has an avid interest in military history including the CEF 58th Battalion.
  15. Jane Brook - jane2905*AT* (broken as of Nov 2005) - Great Uncle, John Brown Rix, in 58th who was killed on August 19th 1916 and is buried in the British Cemetary at Westoutre. John Brown Rix was born in Tasburgh in Norfolk. His parents were John and Fanny Rix (his father was a farmer). He was a private soldier in the Canadian Infantry 58th Bn (Central Ontario Regiment) - service number 427995. His name is on page 154 of the Canadian Book of Remembrance.
  16. Laura Brooks - laura.brooks*AT* - George Francis Brooks, PPLCI, was the eldest son of Mary Gillespie Brooks and Francis George Brooks of Barriefield, (Kingston), Ontario. His mother was widowed when George was quite young and she never remarried. Georgeís younger brother (and only sibling), Allan Lewis, did not enlist until 1917 and never saw action. George survived the war, married, had no children, and passed away in his late sixties. He is buried in Cataraqui Cemetary in Kingston, Ontario. George wrote a series of very interesting letters that Laura typed and donated to the Memory Project.
  17. Susan Brown - suebrown *AT* - Her great uncle, L/Cp. John Howard Brown (228119) died of wounds at Vimy Ridge on April 14, 1917 fighting with the 58th and is listed on page 208 of the Book of Remembrance.
  18. Donald Stewart Cameron - donaldscameron*AT* - his grandfather is Captain Donald Cameron who was awarded the Military Cross for his actions during the Passchendaele attack on October 26, 1917. To get to France faster, on June 15, 1917, both Captain Cameron and Captain Albert Skill (Benjamin Keevil's grandfather) reverted to the rank of Lieutenant (London Gazette, August 10, 1917) and both officers were reassigned to the 58th Battalion.

    Captain Cameron survived the war and returned to Sudbury, Ontario with an English war bride. He became a prominent Sudbury citizen and rejoined the Algonquin Rifles (later renamed the Algonquin Regiment) and was a Major when he reached retirement age. After the war he sent a letter, that is in the "Second to None" book, to the family of his friend "Pat", Lieutenant Edgar William Patten, who was killed at Passchendaele on October 26, 1917.

  19. Kelly Campbell - kellylc *AT* - had four family members in the 58th. His Uncle Fred Stockhausen was KIA on Sept 29, 1918, at Tilloy-les-Cambrai. His grandfather and two grand uncles (Campbells who are discussed in the book "Second to None") survived the Great War.
  20. Sandra Carton - kcarton*AT* - Her great-uncle, Private Charles Alexander Cavelle (839005), was killed at Passchendaele on October 26, 1917, and his name is listed on the Menin Gate.
  21. Cindy Cartwright - biodiversity*AT* - Two of Cindy's cousins, Private Robert Mundle (1066247) and Private William Mundle (1066259), enlisted with the 248th Grey Battalion and both brothers died in August 1918 while serving with the CEF 58th in France.
  22. Doug Chamberlain - dchamberlain57*AT* - is the Grand Nephew of Private William James Chamberlain who died of wounds sustained while on duty at a machine gun post at the right flank of Partridge Trench on June 17, 1917.
  23. Doug Christie - D-u-g*AT* - Contributed the description of Private William George Barrett (925250).
  24. C. E. Ted Clarke ted.clarke*AT* in Montreal, Quebec. - Ted contributed the description of his paternal grandfather, Private Arthur Edward Clarke, 58 Bn. (654800) who enlisted with the 161st Huron Battalion, was reassigned to the 58th, and arrived in France on Dec 1, 1917. Private Clarke was killed in action on June 15, 1917, and is buried at the Petit-Vimy British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.
  25. Robert Cowley - cowleyrw219*AT* - is working on a book about Ypres, to be published by Random House, and he is trying to find any and all information about the CEF 58th at Vindictive Crossroads. Some years ago, he paced out the 120 yards or so from Vindictive down the hill, trying to figure out where the Canadian advance ended. If the weather was clear, a rare occurrence in winter, the troops could in fact see the roofs of Roulers.
  26. Chris Cudmore - christophercudmore*AT* - is related to Private Charles Edward Brombley (654260), who was killed October 26, 1917 with the 58th Battalion at Passchendaele. Private Brombley attested at Blyth Ontario on Jan 18, 1916 to the 161st, Huron Battalion. He was born in Londesboro, Ontario on July 12, 1894. Chris has some post cards to and from Pte. Brombley and wants to locate his WW1 pair of medals. Private Brombley was the younger brother of Chris's fathers mother, and his father, Charles Edward Cudmore, was named after him.
  27. Veronica Cusack - vmaddocks*AT* - a writer interested in Capt. William A. P. Durie of 58th and in 2004 published the 205-page book "The Invisible Soldier - Captain W.A.P. Durie, His Life and Afterlife".
  28. Michael Denesyk - michael.denesyk*AT* - An artist, illustrator, and amateur historian with a keen interest in the Great War and how it impacted Toronto.
  29. Karen Dewar-Birk - dkdbirk*AT* - a relative of Private Waldren Dewar.
  30. P.A. (Paddy) Douglass (DOUGLASS DOT PA *AT* forces DOT gc DOT ca) - his grandfather, Linton Ewart Douglass served with the 58th Bn at Hill 70, Passchendale, Arras, Cambrai and Mons. He was promoted to Captain on Aug 27, 1918 during an action for which he was awarded the MC.
  31. Carolyn Duckworth - ducky2*AT* in Goderich, Ontario. Compiling information on the men and women from Huron County who served in the Great War. Many of the men of the 161st Battalion (Huron County raised) were reassigned to the 58th Battalion after they arrived in Witley England in November 1916.
  32. Eric Edwards - ebd.edwards*AT* - Eric manages a blog at about the CEF 18th Battalion. The CEF 18th Battalion recruited and was mobilized in London, Ontario. During WW1 it fought as part of the 4th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division in France and Flanders, including Passchendaele.
  33. Ken Esson - ken.elly*AT* - Ken is the grandson of Lance Corporal Edward Esson (service no. 427090) who was killed in action on October 26, 1917 at Passchendaele. He is buried at Tyne Cot Cemetery (XIX C12) in Belgium. Ken and his wife visited his grandfather's grave (the first in his family to do so!) in May 2012 with Bartlett's Battlefield Journey's.
  34. Shirley Farrar - shirley.farrar*AT* - Shirley is a great grand daughter of Lance Sergeant William George Borrett, who was born on January 16, 1870, in Greenwich and killed in action on September 17, 1916, serving with the CEF 58th Battalion.
  35. Sean Fillier - seanfillier*AT* - Sean is an avid collector of all things associated with the history of the Royals.
  36. Robert Fisher - rfisher*AT* (broken Nov 2006) - His maternal grandfather was Pte. William (Bill) Moralee, # 681836. He originally joined the 170th Battalion Mississauga Horse and was transferred to the 58th Battalion where he joined them in the field in November 1916. He served with the Battalion for the duration of the war, returned to Canada and lived a long life.
  37. Peter George - petegeol*AT* - Two of his great uncles, Lt. William Ambrose Moore and Dr. James Moore were with the 58th, as well as his uncle Lt. Harry Moore. Lt. William Ambrose Moore was killed at Passchendaele on October 26, 1917. Dr. James Moore and Lt. Harry Moore survived the war. A Moore family story is that when Harry was wounded he was initially treated at a forward medical station and it was not until Dr, James Moore did his rounds later in the day that he realized that one of his patients had been his nephew as he was unrecognizable because of the nature of his head wound.
  38. John Gilinsky - johngilinsky*AT* - John is an historian of WW1 Canada, especially the social, cultural and medical aspects focused on the home front. He is researching a Bio-bibliography on Canadian War Poetry 1914 - 1919 and is looking for ANY Canadian war poems, verses, lyrics written or published by a Canadian up to the current time.
  39. Ruth Glickman - ruth.glickman*AT* - Her late father Joseph Hill Glickman (727592) enlisted at Stratford Ontario on Feb 1,1916 and sailed from Halifax on the SS Caronia on Oct 31, 1916. He was wounded in France and was admitted to the General Hospital in Rouen Aug 9, 1918.
  40. Carolyn Goddard - cgoddard*AT* - is a relative of Lieutenant Frederick Hope Stockhausen, CEF 58Bn (681229) who was KIA on October 1, 1918 during the Battle of Canal Du Nord, at the age of 24 years.
  41. Vic Goldman - VictorGoldman1*AT* - Vic is a member of the CEF 15th Battalion Memorial Project Team. Many members of their 48th Highlanders unit served with the 58th.
  42. Mary Gordon - mg*AT* - Her grandfather George Edward Gordon (Sgt.) Regt. No. 124031 was transferred to the 58th Bn. and landed in France June 19, 1916. He was in France continuously until Aug 15, 1918 when he was removed to England because he had upset a pot of boiling water on his foot - he was making coffee - and sustained a serious scald which ended his active soldiering. He sailed home to Canada and was discharged on demobilization Oct 10, 1919.
  43. Adam and Karen Grant - granter394*AT* - 52 Battalion
  44. Mark Griffin - griffin*AT* in LaSalle Ontario - Mark's Great Uncle was Private Milton Frederick Burnham Griffin, 58th, who was K.I.A. on Aug 27,1918.
  45. Ron Gross - evelyngross*AT* - relative wounded at Passchendaele
  46. Colin Hall - Colinn17*AT*
  47. Mike Haskins - m.haskins*AT* - COBWFA
  48. Lynn R.McR. Hawkins - lhawkins*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004)
  49. Dave Hilchie of Cumberland, BC. (Dave, please resend me your email address.)
  50. Jerry Hind - jerrelr*AT* - is researching the names and stories of the men and women in the CEF that were born in, lived in or enlisted in the now municipality of Chatham-Kent.
  51. Clifford Hoare - Cliff.Hoare*AT*
  52. Glen Holmes (glennlholmes*AT* had two great uncles, Delbert and Frank Streeter, who were both killed in action with the 58 Battalion.
  53. David Hoover - webster1*AT* - His great grandfather was Capt. David D. Gunton Q.M. of the 58th from inception at camp Paradise (Niagara-on-the-lake) until its disbanding in 1920. (broken as of Feb 2006)
  54. Terry Hoover - thoover*AT* in Oakbank, Manitoba - His paternal Grandfather, Robert Harvey Hoover served with the 58th in France, returned home after WW1 as an officer (Lieutenant) and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field. He died in 1977 at the age of 82 in London, Ontario.
  55. Craig Hubbard (chubbard*AT* - his great grandfather William Hubbard and his younger brother, Walter, both served with the 58th battalion. Craig lives in Toronto.
  56. Michael Hughes - hughes*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004) - grandfather at Passchendaele
  57. Stephen Hughes - Hughes_Family*AT* - Grandson of Sgt., John, William, Hughes (452366), born Crewe, Cheshire England, April 17, 1896. Joined the CEF 58th Battalion on July 6th, 1915 while living in Agincourt, Ontario. Sgt. Hughes was wounded three times overseas but survived the war and returned to Scarborough, Ontario after the war.
  58. Judy Humphries - judylynne*AT* in Ontario - Judy is working on a project to list all the soldiers who went to the Great War from Gravenhurst, Morrison Township, Ryde Township and Walker's Point -- these communities were closely linked in 1914-1918 and the first three form the District Municipality of Gravenhurst today.
  59. J Hunter - email? - Stratford Cenotaph, Perth County, Ontario (Two Barclays 727591 and 727605, and Granger 727855, and Laing 727162, and Puddle 727059, and Vanstone 727474, Wright 727269 killed on October 26, 1917) - From St. Marys Perth County, Ontario War Memorial (Martin 727527 and Ruffell 654166 killed on October 26, 1917)
  60. Clive Jackson - Clivejackson62*AT* - After enlisting in the CEF 46th my grandfather, 426863 Joseph Jackson, served in Belgium and France with the 58th from June 1916 until January 1917. He was wounded twice (on the Somme and at Vimy Ridge), the second time being severe enough for his subsequent transfer to a non-combatant unit (124th Company Canadian Forestry Corps) working in England.
  61. Marilyn Jolly - mmarilyn005*AT* - great-grandad and his brother was in the 58th (broken as of Feb 2006)
  62. David Jones - david.jones46*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004) - many visits to Tyne Cott
  63. Benjamin Keevil - bkeevil*AT* - his grandfather is Lieutenant Albert Thomas Skill who was KIA with the CEF 58th Battalion at Passchendaele, on October 26, 1917. He was leading a platoon from D Company during the first assault that started at 5:40 AM in the morning. Lieutenant Skill was 35 years old and left a widow and three young daughters back in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His body was never found and his sacrifice is commemorated on the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium.
  64. Dave Kerr (tdkerr *AT* - Great nephew of Private James Kerr who was KIA with the CEF 58th Battalion at Passchendaele on October 26, 1917.
  65. Rick Law - remlaw*AT* - his Great-Uncle, Private Farquhar McLennan (451889) served with the CEF 58th and was killed in action at the Battle of Sanctuary Wood on June 13, 1916. Rick is a retired Math Professor with 40+ years of teaching and 34 of those years teaching at Humber College in Toronto. He spent countless hours reading and researching the CEF, and in April 2018 published a novel about the 58th called, Flowers of the Forest - The Pride of Our Land.
  66. Wally Lefebvre - isaacgroup*AT* (broken as of Nov 2005) - his grandfather, Sgt. Earl Lefebvre 453691, from Longford Ontario joined the 58th on Aug 31, 1915, survived the war, and died in Canada in 1958.
  67. Jargen Lee - unit116*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004)
  68. David Lever - david.ancientmariner.lever*AT* - David generously donated a WW1 CEF 58th artifact to the Royal Regiment of Canada Museum in Toronto.
  69. Mike Leyland, mleyland51*AT* - during WW1, his maternal Grandfather served as Lieut., CPT, A/Major Arthur Thomas Field MC 2 bars. Lieutenant Field was awarded the Military Cross for action East of Vimy, Arras, and Amiens. Only 19 Canadians have won the MC three times. According to the war diaries, he was badly wounded by artillery fire on Aug 28, 1918, during the last 100 days of the war. He spent months in a hospital in England where he met his future wife, Jean Drummond, from Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. She was a nurse with the Canadian army.

    He went on to serve overseas in WW2 as a Lt Colonel. His battalion was in southern England and was tasked with outfitting the Canadian troops for the D-Day invasion. It is unusual as well to be overseas in both wars. After WW2, he was the head of purchasing for the Canadian penitentiaries. Lt Colonel Field was born in Teaswater, Ontario, in 1897. In 1978, at age 81, he died of peritonitis in Ottawa. His WW2 experiences defined his life.

  70. Jim Little - littleje*AT* - Jim’s grandfather Lt. Charles Edward Little, MM, 451157, served with the CEF from its inception and survived the war. Jim wrote a 162 page book, “Searching For Connection – The C. E. Little Story” that is available in PDF format. Jim is also interested in further research on his grandfather’s good friends from the 58th, Lt. Dick Ineson, MC, MM (KIA) and Capt. Thomas F. Lamb, MC, MM, both given some coverage in Kevin’s “Second to None” book. All three came up through the ranks together. Following the war, Little and Lamb were among those who raised funds for the establishment of the Church of the Transfiguration in Toronto, where the 58th Battalion flags are on display.
  71. Bob Logan - boblinlogan *AT* - had a cousin, Sgt Ronald Maxwell Gray (124654 and 123652) from London, Ontario who transferred from the 70th Battalion to the 58th Battalion on June 18, 1916. Sgt Gray was wounded and died on Feb 11, 1917.
  72. Douglas Martin - His father, Pte Clarence Martin, was a member of the 58th Bn. His regimental number was 727638. He was wounded on the 11-4-17. Douglas has some history of his life at that time etc but would like more. - His uncle, Pte-(Acting Sgt) Norman Martin regimental # 727527 was a member of the CEF 58th and killed in Hun Alley on October 26, 1917. Douglas would appreciate finding out more about his uncle that he never knew.
  73. Ben Mayville (mayville*AT* in Ontario - His ancestors did not fight in the 58th Battalion, they fought beside them, in the 54th Kootenay Battalion (Captain W.G. FOSTER M.C.) and the PPCLI (Pvt. Steven FOSTER).
  74. Andrew McCarthy - amccarthy*AT* (broken as of Nov 2005)
  75. Scott McCracken - SMCCRACKEN*AT* in Richmond Surrey - Cousin of 249173 A/LCpl J P Morrish 58th Battalion.
  76. Stuart McLean - jsmclean59*AT* - Yarmouth County Museum, 22 Collins St., Yarmouth, NS Canada B5A 3C8.
  77. Gabrielle McGarvey - gabrielle.mcgarvey*AT* - L.Cpl Casewell, Albert, PPCLI, died Passchendaele Oct 30, 1917
  78. Capt. Lynn R. McReynolds-Hawkins, (Rtd.), FSA (Scot.) - lhawkins*AT* - Private Willie Cross McReynolds 58th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment). He was killed in action at age 21 on Thursday, 30th August 1917. He was the son of William and Eliza McReynolds, of Balaclava, Ontario, Canada. Buried at Aix-Noulettre Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France. Note -- need to check this description.
  79. Daniel and Michelle Mitchell - Private William Mitchell 406357 - "D" Coy. 58th Bn. Died on Thursday April 12, 1917. Age 40. La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy, France. Dan Mitchell was accepted to participate in the CBC Great War Project.
  80. Geoffrey Miller - gmiller6*AT*
  81. Carolyn Moore - oneoc2*AT* - Carolyn is a cousin (3rd or 4th) of Captain James Moore and Lieutenant William Ambrose Moore, who was killed on October 26, 1917, during the Battle of Passchendaele.
  82. Mark Morden, markmorden*AT*, Stittsville, ON - his great uncle Pte. George Willaim Cook, MM and Bar (453790?) served in most of the major engagements of the CEF 58th. Pte. Cook was killed during the attack on the Marcoing Line Sept 29th and is buried at Anneux Cemetery with many of his comrades. Mark has an extensive portfolio on his service and has been to France to follow the footsteps of the Battalion.
  83. Elaine Montaigue - mahac5166*AT* - her grandfather, Private McDoanld Dhue Montaigue 727039 served with the 110th Battalion (Perth) until joining the 58th and landing in France on May 18, 1917. He was wounded at Passchendaele on Oct 26, 1917 and spent time in hospitals until his return home in June 1918. Elaine wants to know what he did after landing in England to his injury October 26, 1917.
  84. Bill Moran - is a great nephew of Pte Walter James Taylor 681738 who was killed on June 30, 1917 while serving with the CEF 58th Bn. His wife Kerolyn (Taylor) is a great niece of LCpl Harold Parsons Danard 1066253 who apparently died from his wounds on 1 October, 1918 while serving with the 58th Bn.
  85. Dan Mowat - dmowat*AT* - Researching the names of men (officers and ORs) who served with the CEF 58th. Dan lives in Calgary and is a former member of The Royal Regiment of Canada.
  86. Mike Mulvihill, - penny7*AT* - His Great-Uncle was a Sergeant in the 58th. Sgt. Earl Lefevbre 453691, from Longford Mills, Ontario joined the 58th in 1915. He survived the war, having been wounded twice, one gunshot to the calf and one bayonet stab to the left upper arm. He died in Canada in 1958. His stories and the stories of my uncles who served in the second war, steered me to a 32 year career in the Canadian Army / Canadian Forces.
  87. Yvonne Morris - Y.Morris*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004)
  88. Michelle Newbury - wildhoney_268*AT* - her Great Great Uncle, Private Percy Joseph Springgay (2438325), enlisted on July 25, 1917 and served with the 58th Battalion until he was reported missing on Aug 8, 1918 at the Battle of Amiens.
  89. Larry Newton - amaclean7*AT* - his Great Uncle, Pte.Thomas Joseph Sullivan (211299), volunteered on July 5, 1916, arrived in France in early September, 1916 and was killed on October 5, 1916 at the Battle of Ancre Heights (Battle of the Somme) at the age of 20 years. No known grave exists, his name is engraved on the Vimy Memorial.
  90. Mark Nicholson - mark2078*AT* - Mark's great grandfather served with the CEF 58th battalion from 1915 to October 1916. He saw action at 2nd Ypres, Mount Sorrel and the Somme. Then, he was sent to England and back to Canada to recover.
  91. Cathy Olson - - Her great uncle, Private Edward James Fright, was a member of the 58th and was killed on October 26, 1917, during the Battle of Passchendaele.
  92. Ron Paskevich - ronpask*AT* in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada - has an avid interest in Canadian wartime history and feels it is of the utmost importance to remember the names of the fallen and wounded, history of the battles, and to celebrate our heroes.
  93. Alan Parsons - alan.parsons*AT* in Brighton, Ontario - Alan's grandmother's older brother, Private Ernest Harold Cannon 249313, was a member of the 58th battalion and was killed on August 27, 1918.
  94. Jim Patterson - jpaterson18*AT* in Ontario - Jim's maternal great-uncle, Private Norman Martin, enlisted on February 12, 1916 with the Perth County based 110th Battalion. Then, on July 26, 1917, he was taken on strength by the 58th Battalion in France. Private Martin participated in the Nun's Alley raid in Lens and was one of the casualties of the Third Battle of Ypres on October 26, 1917, in the battle for the Bellevue Spur in the vicinity of Laamkeek. His body was never recovered and he is memorialized at the Menin Gate Memorial, Panel 18-24-26-30.
  95. Vern Patterson - vipatterson*AT*
  96. Stuart Phillips - snp_cda*AT* - He has an avid interest in military history including the CEF 58th Battalion.
  97. Marc Pilot - pilot80*AT* - Founding member of the Luce Maple Leaf Committee in France. Also, Marc Pilot is the author of the book "Les Brumes de Picardie - Moreuil 1918" that was published in 2002.
  98. Gwynneth and Ernest Pickles - gwynp*AT* (broken as at Nov 2006) - relative in 58th
  99. Carol Emily (Ineson) Pollock - ceptemagami*AT* - Lieut. Dick Ineson (451156), MC MM, 58th Bn. Canadian Infantry, 2nd Central Ontario Regiment. Dick Ineson was killed on August 27, 1918 near Bois du Vert.

    Dick's granddaughter, his wife Emily (Memi) was her (Carol's) father's mother. Memi was at home at 209 Osler Avenue in Toronto when the telegram arrived, notifying her of Dick's death. A number of the family all lived together during the war. The story is, from many family members, Memi shut herself up in her room for 3 days and when she came out, never, even until death in 1988 mentioned his name again. Thus we never learned much of him. He had two sons, both fought in WW2. We have long been interested in Dick's story and any information that anyone could give us would be a great kindness.

  100. Chris Power - powerweb*AT* - Great Uncle survived the war.
  101. Dale Proctor - dwp13*AT* in North Bay, Ontario. His grandfather, William J. Proctor (754748) joined the 58th in France in March 1918. He was wounded on September 29, 1918 and missed the rest of the war. His younger brother John (the family called him Jack 754734) was with him until Jack died from his wounds on August 16, 1918.
  102. Wilf Quigley - wquigley*AT* Wilf's father, John Lawrence Quigley, was a member of the 58th
  103. Andrew Radgickis a History Officer, The Bracknell Forest Society in the UK - aradgick*AT* - Andrew is researching the men of the Bracknell, Berkshire, England area who fell in WWI. One of the men, Private Robert Alfred Brown was killed on October 26, 2017 with the CEF 58th.
  104. Lisa Rance - airkarat*AT* - Lisa has been researching and remembering Private Sydney George Hill who worked in Muskoka before joining the CEF 58th.
  105. David Ratz - - 52 Battalion
  106. Brian Robinson - bbbrobi*AT* and Bill Robinson wpmrobinson*AT* - Our Dad was wounded at Passchendale. He served in the 58th and came back to Ontario where he married my mother. His name was William Robinson would was born in Ireland and lived in Fivemiletown. Dad died in 1978 in British Columbia. My brother Bill and I often tried to get more information about our father and his time in the service. All we have is a number ... 131-78-74. Dad joined up in Toronto.
  107. Adam Saunders - adam*AT* - Adam's Great Uncle, Herbert Saunders (754865) joined the CEF 119th in Sudbury, trained as a signaller, and in March 1918 joined the CEF 58th. On September 28, 1918, Herb Saunders was wounded near Cambrai, ended up at the Bearwood Convalescent Hospital, and the medical board released him in 1919.
  108. Ken Scheffler - scheffkg*AT*
  109. Robert Simmons - simmons86*AT* or rob.simmons*AT* is a Great-Great-Nephew of Pte. John David Lynch (210548). Jack Lynch was assigned to Company D of the 58th Battalion. He was with the unit only briefly, having undergone training with the 98th Battalion, and then being sent to the 58th as a replacement. Jack was killed in Action during the battle of the Somme on October 8, 1916 - the fight for Regina Trench.
  110. John Skelton - jon.skelton*AT* in Nottinghamshire, England - His fathers cousin, Private Fred Skelton (123293) served with the CEF 58th and was killed at the Battle of Ancre Heights (Somme) on October 8, 1916.
  111. Gerald Southam - gsoutham*AT* - his great uncle, Albert Frederick Hall (400524) served in the 58th Battalion in WW1. Albert enlisted in the army on Jan 12, 1915 in Strathroy, Ontario with the 33rd Battalion. (He was very eager to enlist) He had served in the 28th Perth Regiment (militia) for 4 years before WW1 and also had served in the 7th Regiment. He was deployed to Great Britain on April 1, 1917, after seeing his newborn son for only 2 years. He was KIA on September 29, 1918, having served in the CEF in WW1, 58th Battalion, in France. He was buried in the Anneux British Cemetery in Cambrai, France.
  112. R.Harold Smith - haroldsmith *AT* - Acton, ON - Provided the description of Private Fred Elkington who was killed on October 26, 1917.
  113. Diane Stewart - stewie532001*AT* - her father had an uncle, Frederick Vanstone (727474), who was in the 58th Battalion and killed on October 26, 1917, at Passchendaele.
  114. John Stewart - jstewart*AT* - his grandfather, John C. Stewart, was with the 58th, starting in Niagara on the Lake. He was wounded but survived the war. He passed away at age 48 as a result of the head wound he received during the war.
  115. Steven and Monica Stothers - stothers*AT* (broken as of Nov 2004) - (Steven's maternal grandfather served at Passchendaele on Oct 26, 1917 with the 12th Canadian Machine Gun Company.
  116. Bruce Tascona - tasconab*AT* (broken Nov 2006) - wrote the history of the CEF 27th in the City of Winnipeg
  117. Rob Thompson - Rob.Thompson*AT*TELUS.COM in B.C. - his Grandfather (and his Uncle) signed up with the 161st Huron Battalion and both transferred to the 58th on arrival in England.
  118. Dennis and Diane Thompson - ddThompson*AT* contributed the description of the Thompson brothers from Huron County, Ontario, who served with the CEF 58th and survived the war
  119. Bramwell Tout - avs_bram*AT* - has a great uncle, Pte. Alfred William Sewell (123329), who was killed in action fighting with the 58th on Nov 3, 1916 during the battle of Ancre Heights.
  120. Charles Tuckey - charles*AT* - had relatives, named West in the 58th
  121. Bruce and Barbara Waldron - barbara*AT* - relative in 58th
  122. Ross and Jackelyn Waldron - rossmw*AT* (broken as of Nov 2005) - relative in 58th
  123. Craig and Marion Waldron - tttad*AT* - relative in 58th
  124. Douglas (Doug) Cosbie Ware - cdn1eh*AT* in Ottawa - grandfather was WG (Gerry) Cosbie, the Medical Officer of the 58th from the early days until he was wounded.
  125. Archie Leopold Watt - fdesroch*AT* (broken as at Nov 2006) - Archie's father (Arthur Leopold Watt, born 1895) was wounded at Vimy Ridge in 1917. Also, his uncle, Earl Watt (654838) was killed on November 13, 1917 at Passchendaele. (broken in Feb 2006)
  126. Don Webb (d.webb*AT* - his grandfather joined the 58th battalion in Toronto, Ontario. He was one of the first to enlist in the 58th battalion with which he served overseas and was wounded. After the war he worked at the Robert Simpson Company for 29 years and lived at 15 Leuty Avenue in Toronto. He died at 50 years old. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1886/87 and came to Canada in 1905/06.

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