Humber Technical Writing Certificate Program

If you are looking for a new career or want to improve your technical writing skills in your present job, then consider the Technical Writing Certificate Program at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto. In this program you will learn how to design and organize technical documents, write effective procedures, index documents, and manage a technical writing project.

Distance Education Opportunities

At Humber College, the technical writing courses are available in a distance education, web-based format using the Blackboard program. Once a week in the evening, all students and the instructor participate in a one-hour, "real-time chat" meeting . This online meeting is an opportunity to discuss the lesson material and ask questions. In addition, you receive individual feedback about your assignments and the opportunity to study wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. If you need a flexible study schedule then these distance education courses are for you!

Coaching the Quality and Production Course

In 1999, Benjamin Keevil started to teach the Quality course in the classroom at the Humber College North Campus in Toronto. In about 2002, the Quality course, along with all the other courses, changed from the classroom to the online WebCT learning system. Then in 2008, the Quality course switched to the online Blackboard CE6 learning system (Blackboard is similar to WebCT) running on the Linux operating system. Benjamin continued to teach the Quality course until 2013 when he retired. During his 13 years coaching students at Humber he also taught the Introduction, Marketing, Design, HTML, and Project Management courses. The main textbook for all the courses was Technical Manuals: Analysis, Design and Production by Roy Hartshorn.

What are the benefits of the Quality course?

The Quality and Production course helps technical writers learn how to review, edit, test, and publish technical manuals in printed and online formats. This course provides practical techniques for developing technical documents that are easy to use and maintain. For example, the students will learn how to:

  1. Use a quality improvement process to improve the usability of a document
  2. Use a style guide to improve the consistency of a document
  3. Write effective step-by-step procedures
  4. Perform a quick edit, stylistic edit, and copy edit of a document
  5. Measure the quality index of a document using a checklist of questions in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  6. Understand the localization process
  7. Review the production process
  8. Sometimes work in teams on documentation projects such as the:

Who is the audience for the Quality course?

The main audience for the Quality and Production course is novice or junior technical writers with no technical writing work experience. However, experienced writers will also find many of the technical writing techniques (such as measuring the usability index of a user guide) very helpful for their technical writing projects.

What is Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning?

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