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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this Classic Mercury Monarch site?

- We use this web site to share our skills and knowledge with other people interested in classic Monarchs and Granadas.

What is a classic car?

- A car that is about 20 to 30 years old.

How many members are there in the American Ford Granada, Mercury Monarch and Lincoln Versailles Enthusiast Club?

- As at March 2005, there are about 246 members in the American Ford Granada, Mercury Monarch and Lincoln Versailles Enthusiast Club.

How many members are there in the International Mercury Owners Association?

- As at March 2005, there are about 1,400 members in the International Mercury Owners Association.

Has anyone seen any "Mercury-Benz" cars in the Massachusetts area?

After Ford introduced the Granada-Monarch line in the 1970s, Bob Tasca who owns a tiny Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Seekonk, Massachusetts saw an opportunity to modify a Monarch and market a Mercedes-Benz look-alike, at one third the price of the real thing. He added Mercedes-Benz like hub caps, a "250 LM" signature on the trunk lid and a Mercedes-Benz like hood ornament to a Monarch. He also mounted the radio antenna in a rear fender, changed the trunk lock over to a Lincoln cover, and pin-striped the bottom of the car. He sold 40 of these "Mercury-Benz" cars a month.

If anyone has heard about or seen any of these "Mercury-Benz" cars, please let Benjamin know. I found this story in the marketing book, You Will Be Satisfied, by Bob Tasca, Harper-Collins Publishers, $14.95 USD, 209 pages.

Understanding the Hydro-Boost Brake Booster on 1975/76 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

In 1975 and 1976, all Mercury Grand Monarch Ghias were equipped with a hydraulically-powered brake booster (that is, hydro-boost) system. According to a 1975/1976 Lincoln-Mercury Division advertising brochure, only the Continental Mark IV and the new small luxury Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia had hydro-boost, 4-wheel disc brakes as a standard feature. In 1977, the Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia series and the hydro-boost system migrated to the Lincoln Versailles series.

The power steering pump provides the fluid pressure to operate both the hydraulically-powered brake booster (hydro-boost) and the power steering gear. The hydro-boost assembly contains an open center spool valve that controls pump pressure magnitude during braking, a lever mechanism to control the position of the valve, and a boost piston to provide the force necessary to operate a conventional master cylinder that is attached to the front end of the booster. The hydro-boost also has a reserve system (spring-loaded accumulator) that is designed to store sufficient fluid under pressure to provide at least two (2) brake applications in the event that the fluid flow from the power steering pump is not available. The brakes can also be applied manually if the reserve system is depleted.

The inputs and outputs to the hydro-boost assembly include:

The hydraulic hoses connecting the hydro-boost assembly to the power-steering gear, power-steering pump, pump reservoir, and oil cooler include the following:

The hydro-boost is serviced as an assembly only. There is a shop in Oregon that rebuilds hydro-boost assemblies --- Brake Booster rebuild - $85 USD, 1-day turnaround, 1960 to 1990, plating available. 4533 SE Division, Portland, Oregon, USA 97206. Telephone “Booster” Dewey 503.238.8882.

How do you clean and condition 30-year old leather seats?

To clean, condition, waterproof, and seal your leather seats use the following four products:

  1. LEXOL-PH Leather Cleaner, glycerin-rich, pH balanced, 200ml. Summit Industries, Inc., PO Box 7329, Marietta GA, 30065, tel 800.241.6996. Is in an orange plastic bottle.
  2. LEXOL Leather Conditioner Perservative, softens leather, prevents cracking, 500ml. Summit Industries, Inc., PO Box 7329, Marietta GA, 30065, tel 800.241.6996.
  3. Mermac Mink Oil #1, Leather Conditioner, Cleaner, and Waterproofer, 8 fl oz. Made in USA, Mermac Mfg Co., PO Box 152 Crabtree, Oregon 97335, tel 541.259.2970, mermac@proaxis.comm
  4. Grison Neutral Shoe Cream for sealing, 50 ml., Made in France. Grison, BP 99-91704 Ste Genevieve des Bois, France, tel

Leather Cleaning Products

Lexol contains an emulsion similar to those used in the original manufacturer of the leather. Also, Lexol is a water-based, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable emulsion that does not contain chemical solvents.

To clean and condition your 30-year old leather automotive seats:

  1. In a small basin, add 50 ml of the LEXOL-PH Leather Cleaner to 3 cups of warm water. Using only the suds, clean the leather softly with a clear, clean sponge. Use the suds to clean the leather (do not use the water). After applying it, you wait a few minutes, then rinse it off with a damp cloth.
    The Lexol leather cleaner is a foaming agent that dissolves old coatings and lifts dirt. The Lexol cleaner doesn't contain waxes or oils, but does contain glycerin to maintain the leather's softness. Also, it is non-alkaline, so it doesn't break down the fibres in the leather. After the leather is clean, you need to apply a conditioner. A conditioner replenishes the oils in the leather to prevent it from fading, drying out, and cracking.
  2. To condition the leather, spray a small amount of the LEXOL Leather Conditioner Perservative on a sheepskin cloth and massage it into the leather, overlapping as you massage. Leave it for 20 minutes so that the leather absorbs the oils and preservatives. Then, rub the surfaces down with a soft terry towel. Allow it to dry for 3 hours or longer, and condition the leather again.
  3. To waterproof the leather, massage the leather with Mermac Mink Oil. Wait a day and then lightly buff the leather with a clean cotton cloth.
  4. To seal the leather, massage it with Grison shoe cream sealer, massage and let it dry overnight.

Where can you buy Lexol cleaning products?

All these products are available at The Sandalman, 1181 Davenport Rd (at Oakwood) in Toronto, tel 416.533.6.335 (same backwards).

Where is Jerry Shine and Shampoo?

Jerry Kuilikowski is an old-school auto detailer in Scarboro, Toronto. Jerry only uses water-based products, instead of silicone-based products, which can dry and crack the vinyl and plastics. It takes more than 10 hours to clean each car by hand. Each alloy wheel takes at least an hour and a half using a toothbrush.
Jerry's favorite car for detailing is the 1975 to 1978 Mercedes-Benz because of the quality materials that can be restored to like-new condition. If anyone knows the address of Jerry Shine and Shampoo, please contact Benjamin.

In what movies or TV shows did the Mercury Monarch have a supporting role?

Thanks to Tony Lucio for providing most of this info, for photos see the Reviews part of the site.

Seinfeld - The Parking Space – episode 62 (1993) - In this episode, Jerry convinces George to borrow his Dad’s car, a baby blue 1978-80 4-door Monarch, so the gang can all go to the mall. There are no regular parking spots available, so they talk George into taking up the handicapped space “just for a few minutes”. Well of course a few minutes turns into many… when a handicapped person cannot use the space and is injured as a result, an angry mob waits for the driver of the illegally parked car. Of course Jerry, George and Co. don’t dare to confront them, so the pristine Monarch meets an unfortunate demise when the mob trashes it instead.

So ends this bittersweet appearance in America’s Number 1 TV show of the 1990s. Of interesting note is that the producers removed the Monarch badges from the fenders (the trunk badge is only briefly seen once, and missing later). Unlike the Cadillac that George’s dad buys as a replacement, his Monarch was never really featured or heavily mentioned as such on the show before or after. In fact, while chewing out George about the total uncovered loss of his Monarch, his dad says “Eight years I had that car, not a scratch on it. Eight years! Beautiful Mercury… I special-ordered that bench seat!” This is of course impossible! Given the episode’s airdate of 1993, an eight-year-old car would have been a 1985 or 86 model, and the Monarch was several years absent from the American market by then. In reality his Monarch would have been 13 to 15 years old, so it’s likely the producers just grabbed an old car, removed its badges and banked on the fact the general public wouldn’t recognize, notice or care about the discrepancy.

Apparently, about half-way through the movie Out Cold, 1989, starring Terri Garr, John Lithgow and Randy Quaid there is a blue 4-Door with a blue vinyl top Granada or Monarch. Out cold is a dark comedy about extra-marrital affairs, murder, and deceit.

In what movies, TV shows, or videos did the Ford Granada have a supporting role?

Thanks to Tony Lucio for providing most of this info, for photos see the Reviews part of

- In the 1976 movie Car Wash there is a long scene in which a a light metallic blue 2-door Granada Ghia (probably a 75 or 76 as it had round headlights) is going through the car wash and then gets towel dried as the actors are dancing around it doing their thing. At Sully Boyar's car wash in Los Angeles, a juvenile, motley crew of city dwellers "work their fingers to the bone" waiting on the eccentric and sometimes haughty clientele. There was a scene where the car wash workers thought that the guy driving the Granada was a "pop-bottle bomber". As it turns out, the bottle contained a urine sample that he was taking to his doctor! Starring: Richard Pryor, Franklin Ajaye, George Carlin, Irwin Corey, and Sully Boyar. Director Michael Schultz.

- In the 1999 movie Man on the Moon, there's a scene where Andy and his girlfriend are walking down a street, and a red 2-door, 75-77 Granada circles around twice. Thanks to Tony for this info.

- There's a fun B-movie from the 80's called The Malibu Express. It's like a serial wannabe, James-bond detective flick. The main character is a likeable private investigator and when his Delorean breaks down, he borrows his friend's sweet black '77 4-door Granada Ghia while on the job. It has several good scenes in the movie, gets made fun of by the Beverly Hills set, but then gets shot up by a couple musclebound meatheads later on, much to the Detective's distress. Thanks to Tony for this info.

Also, there was a Monarch or Granada used in a Dirty Harry movie (Magnum Force, I believe), I think the detectives were driving it.

The movie JUST CAUSE with Sean Connery and Lawrence Fishburne has a nice granada in it and a very amusing granada/monarch twist, it wasnt bad and was made in the mid to late 90's

Also the first season of Starsky and Hutch TV program is on now on DVD and there are a bunch of them in some episodes.

After each episode’s introductory joke scene, when the opening theme begins, just before the title credits and the Cheers logo fill the screen, we see a beautiful black 1975 4-door Granada Ghia pass by the bar, right in front of the camera. These cars may be forgotten today, but for 11 years the most popular show in America featured a Granada front-and-center in every episode!

The famous award-winning music video for the song Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. features a baby-blue 4-door 1975 Granada. The setting for the video is a huge traffic jam, and selected motorists’ thoughts are captioned in contrast to the song lyrics. The Granada can first be seen and recognized only by its window profiles in the background behind the band’s car. Toward the climax of the song it takes center stage as lead singer and front man Michael Stipe actually gets out and climbs up on its front bumper.

In the 1975 movie called Sunshine Boys with George Burns and Jack Klugman, Jack's actor nephew drove a 4-door, 1975 Granada Ghia.

In what video games did the Ford Granada have a supporting role?

Thanks to Tony Lucio for providing this info.

- The PC game Driver (1999) has several cars that are based on Granadas and Monarchs! As you may know, most driving games have to "fictionalize" the cars up a bit so they don't have to pay licensing fees, but in Driver there are many boxy 2-door cars. They all have the front grille, bumper, headlight, taillight and gascap textures directly from photos of a Granada. From the side though, the rear seat window is different to make it "not-a-Granada, but close enough". And, there is a 4-door taxi in the game that has the window proportions and taillights of a Monarch.

-Also, the popular game Grand Theft Auto 3 has another fictional 2-door car, called the "Idaho". The front and rear ends are probably inspired by a 70's Buick Electra, BUT as most of the game is played from the top down, certain angles make the side windows and vinyl roofline look like a Granada.

What other car movies are there?

How to celebrate the 30th birthday of Benjamin's Grand Monarch Ghia on April 3, 2005?

SONG LYRICS: Get Your Kicks (On Route 66) - Bobby Troupe, 1946, Londontown Music

Well if you ever plan to motor west
Just take my way that's the highway that's the best
Get your kicks on Route 66
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than 2000 miles all the way
Get your kicks on Route 66

Well, goes from St. Louie down to Missouri
Oklahoma city looks oh so pretty
You'll see Amarillo and Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona don't forget Winona
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino

Would you get hip to this kindly tip
And go take that California trip
Get your kicks on Route 66

How do you contact Ford to find out more data such as the number of automobiles produced for a particular model?

Ford offers a service where owners can obtain a "History 999 Report" for their vehicle. You call their toll-free 800 number and ask for a history 999 report, give them the make, model, and the VIN. Then, Ford will send you what amounts to the build sheet for your vehcle. This sheet will tell you all the options that your vehicle came with from the factory. This service is available for all ford, lincoln, and mercury vehicles from 1967 to 1996. Contact:

Ford Motor Company, Customer Assistance Center, 16800 Executive Plaza Drive, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48121, USA. In the USA, call toll free 1.800.392.3673. In Canada, call toll free 1.800.565.3673. Outside the United States or Canada, contact Ford Worldwide Direct Market Operations, 1555 Fairlane Drive, Allen Park, Michigan 48101. Telephone 313.594.4857. Fax: 313.390.0804. Although Ford prefers that you contact customer assistance in your own country, you can send an email request to Kate, the Ford virtual customer service representative, on the Contact Us page of the or websites.

For example, I found out that my Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia was built on April 3, 1975.

What is the name and address of the president of Ford Motor Company?

As at October 2003, the Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company is William Clay Ford Jr. His address is Ford World Headquarters, 12th Floor, One American Road, Dearborn, Mich., USA 48126-2798.

How do you start a Cold 1975 Monarch Engine?

  1. Turn key to On position.
  2. Press accelerator pedal fully to the floor.
  3. Slowly release pedal completely.
  4. Turn key to Start until engine starts, then release key.
  5. After engine starts, run about 15 seconds. Hold foot on brake. Engage transmission, gradually release brake and drive away.

How do you start a Warm 1975 Monarch Engine?

  1. Turn key to On position.
  2. Press accelerator pedal 1/4 to 1/2 way down and hold.

    *** Caution ***
    Do not pump the pedal.

  3. Turn key to Start until engine starts, then release key.
  4. After engine starts, run about 15 seconds. Hold foot on brake. Engage transmission, gradually release brake and drive away.

What does Granada - ESS mean?

Granada - European Sport Sedan

What is the history of Lincoln Mercury?

The Ford Motor Co acquired the Lincoln company in 1922. The Mercury name was used by at least five other manufacturers at various times; however, the first Lincoln-engineered Mercury did not appear until 1939. Lincoln had already become the up-market end of the Ford range and were early pioneers of 4 wheel brakes and vacuum assisted braking systems. Coach and trim specifications were equally high on Lincolns and the Mercury range carried on this tradition. The McPhearson strut front suspension was used on US Fords from 1949 and on Lincoln Mercury models from 1951. All Lincolns were also fitted with automatic transmission from that time.

It is interesting to note that such model names as Zephyr and Capri were used by Lincoln Mercury long before they were adopted by the UK Division of Fords. In recent times, engine options available from this division of the company ranged from the 1.6 litre Pinto engine of European origin through straight sixes of 3.3 and 4 litres to V8 layouts of between 4.2 and 7.5 litres. These vehicles are a joy to drive and ride in and have an excellent balance of mechanical refinement and comfortable accommodation.

What is the history of the Ghia Name?

Giacinto Ghia was born in Turin on 18 Sep 1887 and by the early 1900s was on the way to becoming one of the most famous motor body stylists and coach builders ever to be associated with the motor industry. The Ghia design house designed futuristic and super luxury car bodies for: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Plymouth,Volkswagen, Rolls Royce and even Moskvitch and Volga.

In 1973, Ghia was merged with the design studio of the Ford Motor Company and since then, only the top of the range Fords have been privileged to carry the Ghia name. This use of the Ghia name on the Mercury Monarchs form 1975 to 1979 is an excellent example of what Ghia set out to do to the internal appointment of a car and puts an already good quality product in the true luxury class.

When buying a classic car, how do you determine if a car has too much rust?

When you inspect a car, you will always find rust --- rust never sleeps. However, the main consideration is the location of the rust. First, inspect the trunk. If the rust has worked its way up from the trunk floors to the inner trunk walls, then the car is probably not worth restoring.

Then, check the rear valance panel -- one of the most common rust areas and usually the hardest to detect. The rear valance panel is the central section located just forward of the rear bumper, below the trunk lid and in between the quarter panels.

Also, check the quarter panels. Have they been wrecked and repaired? You can tell by using a Spot Rot gauge, available from the Eastwood Company . This gauge measures the magnetic attraction on a metallic panel. The strength of attraction indicates the thickness of the paint and body filler. The lower the magnetic attraction, the higher amout of body filler -- indicating that the car is rusted through or was wrecked and repaired with a lot of body filler.

Be sure to inspect the bottom of the quarter panels. They typically rust through at the lower edges but only require a modest amount of work to repair.

Where can you find info about Magnum 500 Wheels for Granada and Monarch cars?

When were the Granada and Monarch cars introduced?

The Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch were introduced in 1975 to replace the Ford Maverick and Mercury Comet. However, the Maverick and Comet continued to sell relatively well; therefore, Ford introduced the Granada and Monarch as additions to the offerings. The Granada and Monarch were intermediate sized models in their time, but compared to today's vehicles, they are considered quite large.

The Ford Granada was produced from 1975 to 1982 and then it was dropped. The Monarch was produced from 1975-1980. The luxury Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia was only produced in 1975 and 1976. Then, in 1977 it evolved into the Lincoln Versailles.

How much are Granada and Monarch cars worth?

Most 1975 to 1980 Ford Granadas and Mercury Monarchs sell for about $1,000 to $3,000 USD. Unfortunately, there is not a great market for these classic cars.

For price guidelines of classic cars, check out:

  1. The International Ford Granada, Mercury Monarch, Mercury Cougar (non XR7), and Lincoln Versailles Enthusiast Group at For example, in June 2003 a 1977 Granada in very good condition with only 13,000 miles sold for about $2,000 USD in NJ, USA.
  2. Gold book at
  3. Great Old Cars at
  4. Kelly Blue Book value for cars at

If you can afford it, you might consider just giving your classic car to a relative or friend who agrees to keep and restore the car. These mid-size cars are alot of fun to own and easy to maintain.

What is the best-selling vehicle in history?

Ford's F-Series pickup truck, which was launched in 1948. More than 27.5 million of these rugged pickups have been built and Ford has been selling them at the rate of 800,000-plus for the past 5 years. That makes it the best-selling vehicle in the world. It has been reported that the F-Series accounts for about one-quarter of Ford's North American sales, and about half of its profits.

What kinds of paint were used on Fords in the 1970's?

Lacquer and enamel paint -- these paints are different in chemical composition and different in the way they are applied and finished. After lacquer is applied it dries as the vehicle (thinner) evaporates to form the final paint coat. With enamel, the paint also dries as the thinner evaporates to form the paint coat. However, the enamel binder, having a different chemical composition, gradually oxidizes over a period of weeks to produce the final hard finish.

What about those energy-absorbing bumpers?

In the 1970's, energy-absorbing bumpers were required by law to withstand collisions at low speed without damaging the bumper or vehicle. Many Ford cars used molded-rubber isolators to absorb the energy. The isolator or energy-absorber is made of molded rubber bonded between two heavy stamped metal channels. One channel is attached to the car frame and the other is attached to the bumper. On heavy impact, the rubber shears at the bond between the metal and the rubber. When this happens, the isolator must be replaced.

What happened to the Mercury dealers in Canada?

In 1999, Ford Motor Company of Canada switched all its Lincoln-Mercury outlets in Canada to Ford-Lincoln dealerships. Ford decided to stop selling most of its Mercury products in Canada and focus marketing efforts on the Ford and Lincoln brands. Mercury sales were essentially restricted to the Cougar sports car and the Grand Marquis sedan. In 2003, Ford had about 500 dealers in Canada compared with about 580 in 1999.

How do you complain to your car insurance company in Ontario, Canada?

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario supplies names and telephone numbers of the consumer complaint officer for every insurance company in Ontario. Contact FSCO at 416.250.7250 or 800.668.0128 in Canada.

How do you import a car into Canada from the United States?

When importing a car into Canada from the United States, you have to deal with three Canadian and one American agencies:

Unlike Canada (MOT just registers), US states have a title system for cars as well as a registration system. Make sure you get the car's title documents as well as the registration and make arrangements with the vendor for the discharge of any liens registered against the car.

Warranty status is one of the big questions in importing vehicles and each car company has their own rules. For example, GM of Canada requires a vehicle be 6 months old with 12,000 km on it before its warranty is honoured.

Where can you get Ford wiring diagrams for 1970 GMVs?

Here is the story about wiring diagrams as I understand it.

In the 1970s, Ford did not include wiring diagrams in their shop manuals. Apparently, the Ford wiring diagrams were printed on large 19 x 29 inches sheets of paper folded into a cerlox book. However, you can still buy reduced copies of these diagrams from two sources:

  1. The Haynes Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch Automotive Repair Manual (Number 36040, 359). For example, page 194 to 202 lists the 1975 wiring diagrams. This book is available on eBay from time to time and also at most large public libraries.
  2. On eBay.
I have original copies of 9 pages of the Ford wiring diagrams, printed on large 19 x 29 inches sheets of paper, for the 1975 Monarch Electrical Systems, dated 7-19-74. There is an Index and Component page and then nine diagrams:
  1. Power Distribution
  2. Airconditioner and/or heater engine compartment lamp heated backlite
  3. Charge Start Run
  4. Charge Start Run
  5. Exterior Lighting
  6. Exterior Lighting
  7. Radio, Windshield Wiper/Washer
  8. Illumination Lamps, Power Windows
  9. Protection and Convenience, Illumination Lamps, Power Door Locks