Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia - 1975

Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

According to the May 1976 edition of Car and Driver, Henry Ford II and three out of five of Fordís top executives used the Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia as their personal car.

A luxury car --- at a sensible price

According to the 1975 Lincoln-Mercury Division advertising brochure, only two American luxury models had disc brakes on all four wheels with a sophisticated central hydraulic power system as standard equipment --- the Continental mark IV and the new small luxury car, Grand Monarch Ghia. Other Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia standard luxury features include:

No doubt there will be imitators. But who will be able to match the Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia's luxury and engineering at its sensible price?

According to the 1976 Lincoln-Mercury Division advertising brochure sent to me by John B, the Grand Monarch Ghia is one of the few American luxury models offering four-wheel disc brakes with a sophisticated hydraulic power system as standard. The other standard features are:

Occupant Protection Features

Operating Safety Features

Anti-Theft Features

History of this Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

Almost all Parts are Original

Most of the parts are original 1975 factory except for the usual replacement of the tires, hoses, battery, distributer cap and wires. In the 1980s when the car moved to Florida from Maine, a Lincoln air-conditioning system was installed and in 2002 was changed to the new 134-type refrigerant. Also, the following parts were replaced and we have some of the original parts that eventually will be refurbished and re-installed on the car:

  1. Wiper arms and blades (have ordered NOS)
  2. Positive and negative battery cables (have original but they are frayed)
  3. Alternator (probably did not need to be replaced and have original)
  4. Voltage regulator
  5. Control module (have original).