1975 Classic Mercury Monarch
Sold privately to Sheldon in Toronto on Oct 17, 2011

1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

Happy Birthday!
Built Apr 3, 1975 in Wayne, MI.

Who are we?

We are a small network of people who share an interest in restoring and driving classic, mid-size Mercury Monarch automobiles. We have a special interest in the rare, 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia, a luxury car with hydro-boost, 4-wheel disc brakes --- at a sensible price. This Monarch was built on April 3, 1975 in Wayne, Michigan.

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Other 1975 or 1976 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghias?

If you have any stories or photographs about other Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia cars, please contact Benjamin. Apparently, there were only 3,000 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia cars built in 1975 and each dealer in the USA received only one. In July 2004, we finally found one other 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia for sale in Jonesboro, AZ. Also, we have identified five 1976 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghias --- one in California, Michigan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Greece. If you know of any other Mercury Grand Monarch Ghias please let us know!

Questions? contact Benjamin Keevil at bkeevil@sympatico.ca
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